summertime loveliness

June 21, 2012

the past couple weeks have felt just so completely SUMMER-wonderful.  my birthday really kicked off this time of sweet enjoyment,  and this week, with an open schedule and sunshine, the possibilities feel endless.  i *love* the change of pace, and the blessing of being home with my kiddos and being able to be spontaneous in playing with friends.

{it’s not all play, though … ask maddie. lol. she is doing plenty of math each morning before we can venture in to fun options. she is pretty much doing an entire “year” of math this summer, to be ready for the schooling program she is starting in the fall. i am SO SO excited for what’s ahead and promise to update about our schooling decisions soon}. 

next week we have some of our dearest friends visiting … maddie saw kiana last summer but i haven’t seen mama lisa in 2 years! i am so excited to hug my friend 😉 and another dear childhood friend, with whom there was a little foursome that reunites when she comes to town, will be visiting as well. it  will be a sweet time of reconnecting with great friends.

maddie also starts her theater rehearsals next week … that will last until the production of “Music Man” mid-august. i am still so proud of her bravery in auditioning last month. seriously, i cannot believe she did it: a solo, acapella rendition of “tomorrow” on the stage of the craterian theater, in front of nearly 100 peers plus all their parents. what a brave girl! she is so excited to be part of the ensemble cast for this great show.

sooo … activities and commitments of sorts pick up next week, leaving this week as a lovely and open opportunity to fully embrace and celebrate each day. this morning, i got to meet some dear girlfriends at one of their homes, for coffee and good convo. this afternoon, we went with another girlfriend and her daughters (maddie’s absolute bff’s!) to a friend’s pool … josiah’s first time officially in a pool (last summer doesn’t count when he was too tiny to remember!).

here’s a shot from today – his trepidation is pretty obvious 🙂


honestly, i was completely exhausted after all the fun today. i spent much of my time (be it coffee with friends or at the pool) chasing my nonstop little man. but, like i told my hubby, i feel so blessed. because what a gift, to be able to do the things i am able to do … and yes, it’s certainly different than when it was just me and my girl and i could actually *sit* and visit 🙂 but it’s all good!


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