reunited and it feels so good!

June 26, 2012

it’s been a full week already! and it’s still going, wonderfully and crazily … 😉

we’ve spent some awesome time w/our beloved lisa and kiana: walk to the park, brownies and manicure night, mall, dinners, sleepover. so much *good* catching up time.

today, maddie started her musical theater production, and this evening i am meeting up with another set of awesome girlfriends for our biannual “reunion” (one moved to chile and visits twice/yearly). i am so looking forward to seeing these women!

tomorrow will be more musical theater, more time w/lisa and kiana … then thursday another childhood friend flies in to town. looking forward to some quality time with her, likely (and hopefully!) without kiddos at a coffee shop.

all this while my belly is bulging (6 1/2 mos!?!) and josiah is running. hee hee.

it’s all good and i’ll be back soon with some pictures and updates 🙂


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