old friends

June 30, 2012

every year, one of my dear childhood friends comes to town for a visit. sometimes, she comes twice a year. when she’s in town, there are four of us women that get together … friends now for over 25 years!

we are a diverse group in many ways but ultimately, there is so much common ground.

these three are very smart (like straight A students), beautiful, down-to-earth, interesting, engaged women. one is happily married to a lovely husband (we agreed we are all blessed in this area!), who has climbed high in the corporate ladder in the healthcare industry with her smarts and great skills, has no kids, and enjoys golfing and travel and wine and a beautiful, custom-built home high on the hill.  another has 5 children, lives in Chile as an ex pat with her hubby’s work, has a strong mormon faith, wears simple makeup (if any) and has a classy, understated beauty. and oh yea, is like WAY brilliant and is a stay-at-home mama to her crew.  the other friend has 4 daughters under age 7 (!), is a doctor, married to a doctor, is a super fit athlete (college swimming scholarship), incredibly down-to-earth with gorgeous natural curls.

we spent hours laughing, talking, eating, talking and talking some more. we covered the waterfront … family, food, exercise, future, babies, old times.  it was *such* a special evening!

{and what a treat to enjoy it all in the gracious hospitality of kristi and her gorgeous new home! what views!}

we spent part of the evening on the patio … gorgeous!


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