July 10, 2012

life has been moving super fast and has been full of so many *good* things lately. fun, incredible, joyful, busy, sunshine-y times.

yet, i am feeling spread thin and have had some mom-zilla moments and am realizing my deep need to slow, to soak in the Word, to rest.

a friend posted a verse from scripture on facebook today and just reading it slowed me and i felt that inner peace and stir that GOD’s Word so faithfully prompts in my spirit. and i remembered: i need more time reading. praying. resting. being.

i want to continue to celebrate the GOOD and yet not become so spent that the frustrated impatient mama that reared her ugly head at her sweet daughter today shows up again anytime soon.

doctor’s appointment (and the fun glucose test), grocery store x 3, theater rehearsal, swimming, mandatory theater parent meeting, cell phone store … all today and all too much. and oh ya, being 7 months pregnant and having it be 7890 degrees outside (!) ain’t helpin. LOL.

(speaking of pregnant, how many more people are going to comment to me how unbearable and horrible it is to be pregnant through the the heat of summer and how much longer do i have because i look like it’s close?! because, really, i GOT it.  ok, enough grumpy. ha).

i am thankful.

and blessed.

and ready to crawl in to the vortex (aka, our bed) and call it a night. 🙂

{ i will post some pics soon of the sweet highlights we’ve enjoyed in recent weeks.}

“the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you through Christ Jesus from the power of sin that leads to death.” (romans 8:2)


One Response to “lately”

  1. Totally. Totally. Totally understand.

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