family mealtimes

July 20, 2012

i am missing our routine of eating family meals together.

it has felt like one long season of scattered meals: josiah eating early, then typically the “big people” eating after his bedtime. but even that’s been in flux because his bedtime often creeps to 7:30+ (summertime!) and that would mean it would be 8ish before we ate … a bit late, especially for our girl.

so i *try* to at least prepare a real meal and then we eat in shifts, whenever someone is hungry/has opportunity to eat.

we laughed the other night, remembering our meals of game-playing … of uninterrupted conversation and laughter and rounds of “guess who.” if we eat all together, when josiah is awake, he is a constant interruption. precious, a blessing and an interruption – let’s be honest! so the eating is quick.

i wonder if i should just accept this season for what it is, or endeavor to be more creative in trying to have more of a set mealtime? i am not sure the answer. i know that it’s only going to get more complicated and crazy with a new baby coming in a couple months.

what about you all? do you regularly eat together as a family … especially those with little ones?


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