opening night!!

August 10, 2012

what an amazing night!! our sweet girl performed in “Music Man”, with a local theater group that is absolutely stunning in their professionalism, camaraderie and talent.

i am talking, WOW. Β on your feet, theater-filling, stunning singing and dancing and acting that was electrifying! and madison was completely on cloud 9 and has been for weeks, being a part of this production. she loves every single thing about it.

and here’s the cool part: she had to audition. alone. on the big theater stage. singing “tomorrow” acapella. my shy girl! she did it, after almost deciding she couldn’t.

then, she had second thoughts about doing the show. she wasn’t sure she wanted to “miss out” on so much summer fun while spending long days rehearsing.

oh boy, is she ever so glad she decided to go for it! she has met such wonderful kids and is a part of this larger-than-life experience. these are special kids and a special group of adults directing, leading, and running things. the collective description is that it’s “one big family”, with such positivity and encouragement and uplift. and i see that in madison. and i love it!

tonight was doubly awesome because i got a date with my man AND got to see opening night of the show. yes and yes! mom came over to care for josiah (never mind that he stayed up til 10:30pm running his sweet grandma nonstop! but no tears, lots of fun and it went well. phew!). some of maddie’s best little girlfriends came – hooray! – as well as my aunt and uncle. she got lots of love and support!

here are a few pics …

maddie in her band costume after the show!

ok, funny story: this is another performer’s mama and she came up to ask if the baby had been responding to the noise of the show by moving a lot. and actually, YES he moved constantly! wild!

the fam, outside after the show …

with aunt nancy!! πŸ™‚

uncle ron!

with her bosom buddies, maddie and maisy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


One Response to “opening night!!”

  1. Too fun! My sister has been raving about these shows for years (her boss’ daughter is or was in them, and so her boss always takes all the Deja Vu staff to the shows!)…I haven’t been yet, but it seems like such a fun thing for Maddie to get to be a part of!

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