33 week appointment with ultrasound!

August 14, 2012

wow. we got to see our precious boy today and it really made the excitement soar for him! something about seeing his very real, very perfect face made this all seem so real and amazing.

the ultrasound tech is wonderful, and did all her “checks” and then asked, “was your last baby very big?” first clue. haa! after completing the measurements, she said that he is measuring at least 3 weeks big (36 weeks)… on his body/limb measurements. his organs are measuring right on track, at 33 weeks. everything looks absolutely wonderful.

and he weighs over 6 lbs! i *knew* he felt big!

we got the date of our csection (a totally surreal thing): september 24th at 4pm.


i am really just hoping that he stays cooking til then. they’ve scheduled another ultrasound in 3 weeks to see how he’s continuing to grow and then to reevaluate csection plans, if needed. oh boy!

the heat this week (over 100 every day) is really just miserable. and i’ve officially started feeling periods of real discomfort – the aches, cramps, contractions and wild movement. the other night i was awakened by a charley horse in my right calf muscle that was so excruciating. fun stuff!

but oh so thankful for this precious gift, this growing boy.


2 Responses to “33 week appointment with ultrasound!”

  1. Love this. I can’t believe you’re 33 weeks already!!!

  2. shirowat Says:

    I was just clearing out thousands of old emails and came across this! It makes me smile knowing how big he is today and what a joy is he to you. xo

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