September 3, 2012

3 weeks from today our little man will arrive! *UNBELIEVABLE*.

i am feeling good about having made incremental steps of preparation in the past few weeks … for instance, my toiletry bag for the hospital is totally packed! this is an improvement from last time, where my water broke @ 38 weeks with josiah and i lay in bed, hollering hysterically at mike which things to grab in the bathroom to pack in the (unpacked) hospital bag! i also have my nursing jammies, robe, and socks in the bag … just need to put in some flip flops and a few swaddling blankets for baby. go, em. haa (my inspiration comes from my friend ernestine who had her bag packed by the door by – i think? – 35 weeks. amazing!)

a couple weekends ago we did a major clean out of josiah’s room, bringing in all the new baby stuff. since then, i’ve switched dressers and moved josiah’s clothes in to a darling dresser hand painted by my sweet friend, kelly.

i washed and put all the 0-3 months baby clothes in this dresser,

this is just 0-3 months! amazing! bags of 3-6, and 6-12 mo in the closet!

i have to say that this dresser/changing table has been the SINGLE most valuable and essential baby item, EVER. we still change josiah here. it’s just so convenient, so comfortable, so totally functional. it’s a regular dresser w/the changing cushion attached to the top – no need for a separate, special “changing table”.  i keep diapers, wipes, lotions and other sundries in the basket.

little man, crouching and escaping!

besides the practical preparations, there are the ones that keep me up at 4am (or is that my little man who was a waking-up stinker last night?!): the details and logistics of care for josiah, especially, for those days i am in the hospital … creating lists and writing up a “typical day” for him, and firming up plans with all my dear friends and family who will be helping to care for my sweeties.

and then there are the thoughts about the surgery itself, and all that involves. it is scary and definitely unsettling .. the actual surgery and the recovery. my first night in the hospital was intense and painful and so i’ve talked already with my dr re: changes to pain meds, etc. i cannot fathom not having my hubby there with me at night, especially. his presence was just crucial … i needed him so desperately. and he was so amazing and gentle and close.

tomorrow morning we have an ultrasound and i cannot wait to peek in and see our little green bean, and how he’s grown.

three weeks!!


One Response to “progress”

  1. Krystle Says:

    It’s coming so quickly!
    I want to bring a meal, so let me know if there is a “meal train” started by someone else, and if not I will start one!

    Can’t wait to meet this precious bundle!

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