38 weeks

September 18, 2012

today, 38 weeks! incredible.

i am breathing a deep sigh of relief after having my hubby gone on a business trip all weekend and literally feeling overwhelmed with unexpected uneasiness about going in to labor with him gone. but he’s back, so it’s on!! hee hee.  i think my uneasiness skyrocketed when i realized that my water had broken on a saturday morning, at 38 weeks, with josiah. it is crazy wild right now, living life carrying this sense that: it could be right *now!* my water broke with both my babies, both times between 5-6am, so i’m curious to see if the same thing happens this time.

really, i am ready. logistically, things are in place. and (as much as is possible in the big surreal-ness of anticipating a new life being born), my mind and heart are ready to meet this new precious son … our caleb michael.

my body hurts! i don’t remember being this uncomfortable with josiah … but literally standing, laying, turning over in bed (OUCH!), and various other movements just ache and often create crazy sharp “ouch” out loud pain. but, it’s definitely the home stretch. one week from today, GOD willing, he will be born.


here are a few pics from today …

so big!


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