September 23, 2012

really, how do i even wrap my mind around the fact that my son will be born tomorrow?? that i will be meeting this angel growing within? that our family will grow, that we will never be our same little bunch again, that so much will change?? it’s all just SO much.

so much wonder and joy and excitement coupled with the angst that comes with knowing tomorrow i will be having a major surgery, one fraught with many bad recent memories? my hubby keeps encouraging that this time will be much better, and i am believing him. and determined not to focus on *that* part of tomorrow.

this weekend has had a surreal air to it, as i go about doing things with this countdown in my mind … and today is super wild surreal.


this morning, we went out to a yummy breakfast … perfect in that there was casual outdoor seating (great for a hyper toddler and fresh breezy air for prego mama). we then made a stop at the co-op for last minute food and lotions, and then hubby dropped me and josiah off home for a much-needed nap while he and maddie went to costco to stock up on diapers, tp, etc. i have multiple lists in my head and am hoping to get things done even as i am feeling strangely dizzy this afternoon (?) … and of course, just incredibly big and uncomfortable.

praying for a good night’s sleep tonight!

we have to be at the hospital at 1pm tomorrow for the 4pm surgery. no eating after 8am – ouch.  but then, 4pm surgery … and he is HERE. our boy, our little caleb michael … to kiss and hold and cuddle.

i LOVE newborns. love love love newborn baby yumminess. when i go there, not to the scary big things but to the indescribable deliciousness of the smell and feel of my new baby … then my heart soars!

here are a few pics from this morning …

wow. huge.









laughing with daddy at breakfast


One Response to “TOMORROW!”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    Beautiful friend! I am praying for you tonight and will continue to lift you and your precious Caleb in prayer throughout the day tomorrow. Praying for strength, peace, and no hunger pangs as you await the arrival of your baby boy. Much love and many prayers! Jessica

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