welcome, caleb michael

October 7, 2012

our precious boy arrived september 24, at 3:24pm. he weighed 9 lb 1 oz, and was 21 3/4 inches long.

he is perfect.

on my chest … my favorite place for him

the past 12 days have been a bit of a fog. there is this wild juxtaposition, after having a csection: the recovery from a major surgery coupled with the overwhelming fullness in having a new baby to love and hold and nurse and hold some more.

it’s all so good and so much.

and having an 18 month old plus a newborn?! a wild ride, my friends.  josiah wants a lot of loving and being held; he wants “up, help up” when i am nursing the baby, so he is usually curled in my other arm while caleb nurses. and interestingly, he doesn’t have any interest in nursing himself but wants to “see nursing” and touch it (sorry, tmi! lol).

he has never been sweeter, seemed bigger and more grown than right now!

this picture captures life right now … in our backyard, caleb is 6 days old and i am pretty sure we are looking at a “big airplane.”  🙂

and this one …

full lap, full heart

i am intentional about being still in the moments; freezing them and not fretting over the undone chores. already i feel like caleb is growing … i don’t want this newborn moment to pass so quickly! especially if this is our last baby, i want to savor every moment. and yet the savoring comes with that cascade of hormones crashing and emotions dancing that i know now is par for the course for this mama postpartum.

so, i seek to not let my mind and emotions race but rather to smile at the crazy and remember how fleeting all of this is.

i will be sharing the details of caleb’s birth story soon, while it is still fresh in my mind … 


One Response to “welcome, caleb michael”

  1. Peggy Gribben Says:

    I love your stories from your heart, Emily. God has truely blessed you & your lovely family. I sure Love you

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