pockets of happy

October 26, 2012

i know that we are not supposed to seek out happiness for the sake of happy; i know that there is a higher calling to our lives – holiness – but i also know that this mama is soaking in the little pockets of happy throughout my days.

because honestly, most of my days lately feel like a long repeat cycle of meal preparation, nursing a baby, changing a diaper, teaching latin, feeding hungry bodies, nursing, teaching biology, etc.

these are all good things and truthfully, in them and during them i am most often feeling content and *right* where GOD has me for this season. it’s a good season – an exhausting one, and a bit insane at times – but good!

lately there have been sweet little pockets of happy that i am remembering and appreciating …

:: intense, gut-busting laughter during madison’s geography lesson as we had to locate a city called “titicaca” and i almost couldn’t make it through the pronunciation without laughing. bane, i know. lol.

:: a crazy game of “catch” where all of us “big” people threw a little stuffed animal around and josiah ran giggling hysterically, trying to retrieve it.

:: madison saying, “sometimes i really love my family. like right now.” and then sharing that there are times that she doesn’t! ha.

:: the hour on monday that both boys were napping at the same time, madison was at her classical homeschooling seminar and i had a FREE hour …  it felt lovely and refreshing.

:: the sun coming out on these freezing cold gorgeous fall days. i love the sunshine!

:: going out the front door by myself today, having madison set a chair outside for me, and sitting alone and quiet in the sun.

:: preparing dinner alone one evening when hubs took the kids to the store; i had chris rice playing on pandora (love!), a glass of red wine (it’s been a long time!) and got to try a new recipe. alone! in the kitchen!

:: a visit from a friend that was balm to my spirit as we shared our hearts and she offered words of deep encouragement and validation.


sweet! josiah is “holding” caleb’s hand 🙂


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