the pressure to do

November 3, 2012

i have this girlfriend who, every time i’m with her, speaks this encouragement and counsel in to my life that is a balm for my spirit.

in a word, she bids me to rest.

her words – and her life, really – are totally counter-culture. she spends most days home with her kids, not rushing to activities and commitments but faithfully building up the health and strength and beauty of the life in her home, including hers.

i am now nearly 6 weeks out from having major surgery and our precious caleb. for the most part, i am healing well. but i also have this nagging swollen, bruised sensation in my upper abdominal area that is unusual and persistent – even growing, maybe. my doctor’s advice? do crunches. do sit-ups. DO. 

her advice?


she even encouraged a “do-over” of my healing period … resetting the 6 week window that i *should* have taken to really let my body heal and recover.

i know that i need to do less picking up of my big toddler boy. less lifting laundry. less strenuous bending-body abdominal things. less doing. {my doctor’s advice immediately registered as not what my body needs}.

but all around me the message and the voices say: get back to normal! get busy! get a move on, mama! GO! 

we forget, i forget, that this csection thing … it’s big surgery.

it’s a struggle and a real life, where-the-rubber-meets-the-road dilemma. how do we really do less? but then also, isn’t the whole and complete healing of my body worth it?

i am so thankful for refreshing friendships; for women that are real and faithful and unconditional.

and for grace.



2 Responses to “the pressure to do”

  1. liz Says:

    REST! Your doctor’s advice is crazy! Be easy on yourself. Never had a c-section but after a lot of pregnancies would advise GENTLY activating ab muscles for a couple of months — tell yourself several times a day to pull them in and stand up straight. Remind the muscles where they belong (: Wait until you feel fully recovered for the “workout.” So glad that you have a friend there to remind you to slow down. Love to you.

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    This comment, “REST!” from the lady who does 5 babies, and Machupichu! Dang, Girl– ‘Ya think?

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