who would have thought?

November 7, 2012

i ran in to a totally dear former coworker this weekend. seeing her flooded me with feelings of familiarity, connection and memories.

we sat in adjoining desks for a few years and over the course of hours and days and years, shared our hearts and lives. marriages, kids, work, latest diets, faith, work dilemmas, coffee … she was a faithful, steady friend. and one of the coolest people i’ve ever known!

i remember so clearly the day i returned to work after having my miscarriage (april, 2009). she said something to me, totally lovely and encouraging, and i just cried. i remember feeling so vulnerable and as if the tears would start and wouldn’t stop, should anyone speak to me. she saw me walk through those long days of sadness and the many months of hoping for another positive test. 🙂

and when i saw her this weekend, i got to introduce her to my TWO BOYS.


and i thought: if someone had told me then, during that dark season of loss, that in a couple years i would have TWO BABIES! oh my word! i wouldn’t have believed it.

we just never know, the blessings GOD has in store, just around the corner …

that is darling kris in the middle … with her beautiful daughter in the red jacket at her side!



One Response to “who would have thought?”

  1. So glad you got to bump into Kris! And just so thrilled for you and your (not-so) little family!

    I think often about not only how DIFFERENT things are now than I could have ever imagined two years ago, but also how I can see now how that was exactly where I was supposed to be at that particular time in my life, and all the amazing ways God used it–I am so thankful!

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