wild crazy times

December 10, 2012

maddie takes a junior crossfit exercise class twice a week, for an hour. i typically have both boys with me (daddy’s working!) so it’s always tricky to figure out to best spend that hour. i’ve ended up driving home a few times although i prefer not to make the round trip twice in an hour.

last week, i decided to be brave and venture to the mall play area, with both boys. couldn’t be that hard, right?!

the adventure started as i pulled out of the parking lot from dropping maddie off. caleb started *screaming* (he has no middle volume and rarely cries, so when he does, it’s intense and loud!).

then i saw a light on my dash indicating a door was ajar – yep, it was josiah’s. he’s just figured out how to unlock and open his door – awesome. i knew i had to respond in an unforgettable way to prevent this from happening so i turned and flicked his hand – hard – which broke my heart. and apparently his, too, because he started wailing … both boys now, at a volume of 10.

fun times. 😉

i pulled in to the mall parking lot and planned to just camp out there, perhaps nurse caleb and try to pass the time. when we parked, caleb had calmed down but josiah was still sad and crying, so i unbuckled him and let him “sit” on my lap (code for: push/pull/touch every button, switch, gadget in the car). i noticed that he had turned on the emergency lights which was fabulous since i couldn’t remember how to turn them off and now cars were driving by, looking at us …

so i did the only logical thing (!): pulled out the owner’s manual. with josiah on my lap, i flipped through and found out how to turn off the emergency lights (duh, how did i forget?!).

all was calm so i decided to venture to the play area. the logistics of two babies makes things interesting and the little details become important. first, josiah in the stroller and sitting right next to me as i stood next to caleb’s car seat and put the baby in the bjorn.

the rest of the adventure went GREAT … josiah had super fun playing … and the only hiccup came when it was time to go. josiah was not interested in leaving so wrestling him in to the stroller while caleb was on me in the bjorn was interesting. 🙂 but we did it!


me and my boys in the mall play area :)

me and my boys in the mall play area 🙂


One Response to “wild crazy times”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    SO cute! LOL! I remember!!! LOL! Hugs!
    I used to walk w/ all 4 babies from the oil change place to the mall play space, and let them play there for 1/2 hour. Then we’d walk back to get the minivan & head home.
    That was a FULL day! Nothing else got done. Just the oil changed in the minivan. I felt accomplished, though. We all came back alive 😉

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