boys’ update! {caleb 2 1/2 mos, josiah 20 mos}

December 16, 2012

i am SO overdue for an update, especially on josiah. too much twiddling my thumbs, i guess … hee hee! i have the evening home “alone” (hubby and daughter at a musical, boys are both *finally asleep) so i am grabbing this moment to capture the many thoughts and highlights swimming in my head.

caleb is absolutely delicious, and so GOOD. just plain squishy sweet goodness … 

he pretty much *never* cries, unless he’s at that cusp of super-tired, needing a swaddle, pacifier and mama’s arms

he is on a great rhythm of sleep-eat-wake time. (the predictability that this gives to our world is a mandatory sanity-saver for me. i am not super rigid about most things but this rhythm, it’s essential)

at his 8 week appointment (he was technically 9 weeks), he weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz {100th percentile!} and was 24 1/2 inches long {90th percentile!}

he is already wearing 6-9 months, so bittersweet how fast he’s growing

he has been cheeseball grinning and has giggled a few times

he loves laying under the “playgym”, staring at himself in the mirror

he is easy

or maybe i’m just much more relaxed 🙂

i sometimes feel guilty that i’m not giving him more attention; he just chills so much, and is content.

nights are still in flux. he sleeps best next to me {of course} but i’m less interested in this arrangement (!) so am working on getting *up* and nursing when he wakes (every 3 hours). it’s just so hard, and so much easier at times to have him by me, nursing. but then i wake in the morning super uncomfortable, unsure when he’s last fed, his diaper is soaked … it’s just a bit more looney feeling.

his skin started getting dry and showing ezcema around 9 weeks … SO sad. trying – again – everything. i just made up another batch of the homemade beeswax lotion, this time adding vitamin e. he has started swiping his head/face, and has left a few scratch marks 😦

i just started carrying him in the baby bjorn and LOVE it. the moby was great for the first many weeks but he got really just too big, but still was wanting to be in that curled-up position which doesn’t suit the bjorn and ergo so well.

on the same blanket i took josiah's monthly pictures

on the same blanket i took josiah’s monthly pictures

9ish weeks

blurry,  bummer ... but the rolls are hilarious!

blurry, bummer … but the rolls are hilarious!

my favorite way to hold my babies ... want to memorize and freeze this moment.

my favorite way to hold my babies … want to memorize and freeze this moment.


josiah is the most hilarious, brilliant, joyful and joy-giving little man!!!

his current obsessions: trash (as in, he asks to see the trash can *immediately* at mom’s and grandma’s, must help take it out here, talks about “trash” … just obsessed);

“clean up water time”  – he asks multiple times a day to play in the water in the kitchen sink.  nothing fancy: just a few cups, running water, he pours and fills and pours and fills …

dora and mickey mouse (love you netflix!)

he is *finally* sleeping great (mostly!) bedtime is 7-7:30 and he sleeps til at least 7:30. then he takes a good 2+ hour nap midday.

he has a huge basket of books next to our cozy glider rocker in his room and we always read before nap/bed. he always has his favorites; tonight he requested a new book, “see boy holding trash with daddy, wearing hat.” yes, there is a page with that picture!!

he goes nonstop. NONSTOP!

his language is wildly incredible. complete sentences. and super darling iN his expression and intonation, especially, “oh my goodness gracious!” with darling inflection! he accurately will say, “siah’s laughing!” “baby caleb’s crying”, “mama’s smiling” etc. pretty darling.

he has great manners!  “thank you, mama”; “you’re welcome!”; “bless you” (when someone sneezes)

he has a big boy table anD chair set and he loves to sit there and eat, but he’s mostly still in his high chair

he is getting a little more picky with eating … used to eat anything, but obviously had preferences. he has and continues to prefer “meat!!”, but likes fewer vegetables now. he loves spaghetti, noodles and of course, meat. tonight he inhaled 2 bowls of baked chicken over rice. he loves cereal, sausage/turkey bacon toast w/jelly, pancakes and waffles for breakfast. lunch and dinner is whatever we are having, and his tastes change. he was loving pears for a while, and now not so much. i offer a variety of good stuff constantly. he loves fruit smoothies – “moovee”.

he is still our long, lean string bean! he wears mostly 2t, although still fits in some 18 months.

he can count to 13! the other day he completely cracked me up, and he knew it! i thought he could just count to 11 so we were rocking, cuddling and counting. we get to 11, he looks at me with a smile and says, “twelve” then starts laughing hysterically! we both were laughing so hard, and he was saying, “siah laughing!! mama laughing!” which made me laugh more. i love him SO much!!!

speaking of love, that boy loves his daddy. oh my. he just melts in to him, seeks him constantly to play, “daddy fix it”, “daddy hold you”, etc.  {and honestly, it feels so good to this mama to have josiah seek daddy as much as me for that comfort lovin. it’s worked out beautifully and organically, really … how my arms are often full with caleb and josiah is perfectly content and glad to be with daddy!}

he is learning colors and can sing almost all of “jesus loves me” and the “abc’s” about halfway through.

out of the blue, he will say, “cuddle blanket?” and want to go cuddle on our bed! oh my, melting heart … YES to cuddles! always.

he and his sister have special fun together … they love to play in “sister’s room”, wrestling on her bed, playing with “kirby” (beloved stuffed bear).


j and dad


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