December 22, 2012


my sweet friend heather made these, and gave them to a group of us mama’s at a recent homeschool mama’s brunch. what a beautiful (and thoughtful!) reminder that our work in our homes is our ministry. she encouraged us to hang it in a place we see often (over my kitchen sink) to be reminded, when days are rough or monotonous or challenging … this is right where GOD has us, and this is our most important work.

“My joy isn’t dependent on keeping my house as orderly as i would like, or on obtaining possessions to put in it, or on getting all the schooling done, or accomplishing anything else on my To Do list. My joy is dependent on my relationship with the LORD and our celebrating this life he has given me.

So make the choice to celebrate life with your family.  It is so easy to think that life consists of the assorted responsibilities, tasks and crises that fill up the hours of each homeschooling day.  But it doesn’t. The parts of life that matter most are the unexpected moments and memories that happen each day – the ones that won’t be forgotten.

Choose to be thankful, and learn to be content. You’ll find the joy that GOD wants you to know.”

(Season’s of a Mother’s Heart, Sally Clarkson)


One Response to “ministry”

  1. jaw123456 Says:

    Beautiful! I love the gift and reminder that Heather gave to you women….and the quote from Sally Clarkson is a wonderful reminder as well. Thanks for passing along the encouragement to me…. Way over here 🙂 xo

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