December 27, 2012

it’s been a nice few days … lots of time with my amazing family, and then a surprise visit from some of our best friends!

:: we did our traditional christmas eve at my grandparents, and this year my cousin aaron and his wife and new baby (hayden!) were in town, which was a special treat. we ate – mexican-themed feast! – and played our annual white elephant gift exchange. josiah was seriously the source of so much laughter and joy … he was SO well-behaved (up many hours after bedtime) and kept everyone laughing and smiling. he loved playing games with his uncles, and most hysterical of all was his obsession with carrying this big 5lb tub of red vines, announcing, “siah strong! mama see! daddy see!” round and round the living room.

blurry but sweet

blurry but sweet

xmas eve 1

love how this captures the action and indeed, josiah is pushing the red vines 🙂


:: so maddie’s forever BFF and her mom (one of my dearest friends) showed up at our door saturday! we had *no* idea they were coming to town (they moved to texas a few years ago) and it was SUCH a great surprise. the girls have loved spending time together. yesterday they invited maddie ice skating in ashland – outdoor rink and crazy freezing in pouring rain! LOL. but a fun memory …

ice skating1





ice skating2




ice skating3









mama’s (and baby caleb!) watching our girls


{ i have to add here how much i appreciate the friendship that lisa and i share. it is truly timeless … and what i realized means SO much to me, now more than ever, is the fact that there is NO shame, no guilt, no angst about not keeping in constant contact. we are both super busy (in totally different ways – her, running an entire equestrian facility, working a million hours a week, single parenting and basically doing it all!) and there is just total understanding and peace between us. which i LOVE. }

i have run out of time, need to feed my babies breakfast! but, more soon … about the ever-interesting subject of sleep, lol.



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