radical food changes :)

December 29, 2012

i am super excited, ready and also a bit daunted when i think of the big changes happening for our family starting january 1. we are doing the whole9 eating program, which is basically paleo on steroids!

a dear girlfriend was looking absolutely glowing and marvelous at a friend’s baby shower a few months ago, and shared with me at that time about this program (whole9) that she was doing. beyond looking great, she said she FELT amazing.

{and i totally know and get what she was saying! i’ve done a cleanse 3 different times (each times the 9 day isagenix cleanse) and can attest to experiencing a feeling of such clarity, energy and well-being ( i remember telling someone that i felt like “gold” during one of the cleanses). }

i met again with this friend and another last month and we shared coffee and our hearts late in to an evening. the whole 9 came up again and as we talked, i felt a total click in my mind and heart: i knew this was a good fit for me, and it was the right time. i came home and shared with hubby the plan i had for myself and he suggested that our whole family embark on this. yes!

{there are some deep, persistent health issues in our family that i have known for a long time needed a complete elimination diet to get to the root and then heal. i’ve eliminated some things but never *all* the major allergens in one fell swoop. i talked with the kids’ pediatrician who was thrilled to hear of our plans, saying that 30 days is a great time to really clear out the bad stuff and then gradually add back, monitoring the body’s reaction.}

i am eager to lose weight. i’ve never “struggled” with my weight in the sense of fluctuating, frequent dieting, etc. i have one very clear memory of a serious “diet”: when madison was nearly 3 years old, i was *still* carrying extra baby weight (as in, 30 lbs extra!). i came to a point of being completely DONE and started the atkins program. i did not cheat, not one morsel, for 4 months, and lost all that weight. when i make up my mind about something, i am pretty black and white … same with the 3 cleanses i did, no cheating.

the weight has stayed off, give or take 10 lbs, for the past 9 years. it’s like my body has sort of a set point that it stays at pretty happily … until it dipped even 15 lbs lower during the winter of 2009 (a dark funk season for me). it was the only time in my life that i was inexplicably losing weight without trying … but rather was in a season of desperation to heal health issues, thus making huge eating changes which ended up causing more weight loss.

a switch was flipped in my mind during that time: what if food can be used to heal?? what if what we eat really matters, and changes who we are and how our body functions??

fast forward to today: 2 babies in 2 years, 2 major surgeries to *have* those babies, a recently diagnosed diastysis rectiย (that is over 4 inches wide, crazy severe according to doctor) and pretty lax eating habits during the past pregnancy. i am depressingly out of shape, and carrying so much extra weight. i don’t even recognize my body! i am DONE and ready for some great changes.

in addition to the eating changes, i will be taking a daily probiotic, cod liver oil, and vitamin d. oh, and taking a daily walk! i *need* to get outside, move my body, feel the cold air on my skin.

so, i am spending time this weekend preparing, researching recipes and creating plans. i want to have at least 7 days of meals/snacks planned when we begin. if needed, i’ll rotate that menu for 4 weeks, but i will likely add and make changes.

i will post updates as the month unfolds!


6 Responses to “radical food changes :)”

  1. I can’t wait to hear about this Em!

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    GO, YOU!!!
    So good!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Leanne S Says:

    Thanks for these posts! We are looking to make some drastic changes – same reason – persistent health concern that I think really can only be solved nutritionally and I don’t want to put my son on the drugs that will only mask the root of the problem. So we’ve been talking…and talking…and talking – about doing something like this. I’m checking out the Whole9 site and praying that if it’s the best for us, that I can get my husband on board. I ‘sort of’ know what to do, but having a plan/system to follow is so helpful. My personality is different than yours – I am a rule breaker and a fly by the seat of my pants person – reading how you stick with the things you start is a good challenge to me – so some prayer for discipline and determination would be wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more!

    • home2learn Says:

      leanne, believe me – there are many areas of my life where i struggle with follow through! like you, i’ve done a lot of talking about needed changes, and taken small (partial) steps but have such a sense of certainty about this being RIGHT for our family … that i am not going to compromise! we can do *anything* for 30 days,right?! ::) bless you as you make difficult decisions …

  4. Leanne S Says:

    Oh, and wondering about costs? How difficult is it to stick to a tight grocery budget and do this?

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