whole9 update … day 3

January 4, 2013

we are finishing up our 3rd day on the Whole9 challenge and i’m proud of my fam! we are doing this! there have definitely been rough moments … and a general sense of blah/cravings/headache, BUT … we are pressing on!

we’ve had some really good meals, and i feel like i’ve been spending a LOT of time in the kitchen (more even than usual) either prepping, cooking, planning etc. it’s pretty consuming, but the nourishing and healing of my family is that important, so i have no problem having this as a primary focus this month.

i’ve been relaxed about the amount of “good” or “bad” fruits that my kiddos are eating. they are transitioning off of holiday food (we all are) so if the “worst” thing they are eating is too many cutie oranges, i am ok with that as we make this transition!! i am also adding brown rice back in for josiah …

the first day of this cleanse, every one was inhaling olives! josiah requested them morning, noon and night. honestly, he probably ate a whole can’s worth by day’s end. but the next day, he didn’t want one. ah, the fickle palate of toddlers!

last night for dinner i made this turkey hash, which i LOVED but wasn’t a huge hit with the fam! {my hubby is SO gracious, he will literally be grateful for *whatever* is placed before him and i can never tell if he doesn’t like it …  so i just look for the indicators and i could tell he was not feeling the hash :).} i heated it up for breakfast and it was so satisfying and filling.

our biggest dilemma meal is breakfast, since we aren’t having eggs (the paleo/whole9 staple) and of course all “breakfast” foods are out. i bought a jumbo pack of delish organic sausage at costco but that was gone yesterday!

one totally AMAZING part of this journey is that i am taking it with some of my dearest friends, and their families. what an encouragement and accountability! one of those mama’s texted me last night with a recipe for a “milkshake” that rocked the house for me and hubby last night: blended can of full fat coconut milk, 2 frozen bananas, lots of cinnamon and a dash of stevia. SO creamy and amazing. definitely a “treat” but sure hit the sweet spot.

i also “fried” up some sliced bananas, which josiah called “banana pancakes” and loved! sliced bananas sauteed in lots of coconut oil with a sprinkling of cinnamon. SO tasty.

and i am soo thankful that i am really enjoying the coconut milk in my morning coffee! i am not missing the cream nearly as much as i’d anticipated.

i took another walk this afternoon and was telling hubby what a blessing, that these 3 days have been SUNNY and beautiful (albeit freezing!) so my walks have been so invigorating and refreshing. i can totally handle cold weather if the sun is shining … in fact, the brisk air on my skin is something i love.

while walking, i was struck with the memory of having RUN on these very streets just a few years back. what a contrast: i walk our “loop” which is maybe 2 big city blocks? that loop used to be just a fraction of the route i would run. ahh. and the walk now, it is effortful. i feel soreness and stiffness and discomfort and just general out-of-shapeness that is startling. but i am not sunk too much about it, because it feels GOOD to make progress, to know that i am healing and recovering well from big surgery and the walk will get easier and longer each time.

today’s lunch was a highlight! (back to food, i know 🙂 ) i had a cooked turkey breast that i sliced, and seasoned with a rub of cumin, real salt, chili powder and onion powder. i fried it in a pan with a little olive oil. i chopped that up and served over a big green salad for me and hubs; the kids aren’t so fond of salads so maddie had turkey plus, what else?, some cutie oranges. (working toward the goal of her eating more greens – she loves LOVES meat, some fruits and veggies but mostly meat). i made a dressing for the salad with lime juice, olive oil, oregano, real salt and minced garlic. hubby said he could eat that salad every day! me too. and i was full and satisfied.

dinner tonight was stuffed acorn squash and roasted cauliflower …

acorn squash

we’ve definitely had moments of serious sweet cravings but overall, we are doing pretty good. i am most impressed with madison, who has pretty much not complained at ALL and has totally gone with the flow of these radical changes. LORD, bless her!



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