food budget on whole9

January 5, 2013

i thought i had planned well, budgeted $100 for this first week of food, and “stocked” my fridge and pantry for this first week’s adventure.

so here we are, wrapping up day 4, and i’ve needed to make 2 additional (small) grocery store trips AND i will need to restock again, like *tomorrow*.

i guess the extra cost makes sense: we are eating meat with nearly every meal, and it’s good, organic (read: not cheap) meat.  unfortunately, our family can’t have eggs which would have gone a long way in stretching the protein budget. i used up nearly the rest of our greens and fresh veggies in the salad that i made for dinner.

typically, i will make rice & beans, or a big pot of lentil soup, etc to stretch our budget when we need to make things last. but i don’t have that luxury right now!

it would be super tempting to cheat right now, but i am determined! i *WILL* make this work, and i believe that there will be a way to stick with our plan.


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