maddie auditions!

January 9, 2013

i am so totally proud of my girl. i was reminded again that this daughter of mine, this person … has areas of such strength and gifting.

monday night, she stepped on a big professional theater stage and sang a song, alone, a cappella. unfathomable to me, to be at that delicate and precious preteen age, and bravely step before a group of peers and adults to sing your heart out. wow.

this theater production group is something special. she has participated in 2 of their shows and each was such a memorable, BIG experience! my girl LOVES the stage, the buzz of lights and dancing and songs and friends and applause. after all, she wants to be famous ;).

we learned just last week that their spring musical was about to begin; that auditions would be held this week, rehearsals starting shortly after … and the weekend of the shows? her 13th birthday. she was over the moon! {she didn’t participate in the winter production as much as she desperately longed to … it was too much for our family, during the season of welcoming our new caleb and all the adjustments therein. hopefully, now, logistics might be more feasible …!?}

all last week, she talked about needing to pick an audition song. and i am little help in this area – broadway numbers? not so sure, really. over the weekend, the pressure was on to make a selection. and in classic maddie form, she did … she picked “practically perfect” from mary poppins and tucked away with the songs and lyrics, memorizing and singing.

but she wouldn’t let us hear a note! not a one. let’s be honest: i had no idea how it would turn out. and i was hoping to hear a few notes to get a sense of how things would go. but alas, she wanted to surprise me.

monday night, we left our little josiah home with daddy and headed to the theater. she was GIDDY excited, and not even nervous! she was just hyper, and said she can’t wait til auditions are done and rehearsals start. we arrived, registered, and she found some friends from previous shows. she hung with mama until it was time to take our seats; auditioners in the front rows, parents tucked way in the back.

so i sat, with caleb snug in the bjorn on my chest, and watched. nervous! so nervous for my girl.

here’s a picture i took as i waited …

cmto audition1

finally, her number was called. 44. and my girl walked up on that stage and oh my goodness, sang SO SWEETLY her song. like, she did GOOD! my heart was so full.

there she is!

there she is!

the rest of the kids auditioned, and then the director announced that everyone would be in the show … everyone made it! ( we weren’t sure if some would be cut). after vocal auditions, the choreographer came up and taught them all a dance from the show, which was so fun and fast-paced, lots of hops and claps and stomps! the kids were having a blast. maddie was beaming, laughing, sweating!

what a great night. rehearsals start in 2 weeks and run for about 6 weeks … 3 evenings a week for a couple of hours. i am excited for her to have that “outlet”; to spend a day home with our little posse, studying, living, working … and then get to go spend a couple of hours singing and dancing!


One Response to “maddie auditions!”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    I never did much acting, but I remember *living for practices & performances & road trips! Tell Maddie I’m proud of her 🙂

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