feeding them

January 11, 2013

my gifts ... my  heart

my gifts … my heart

without a doubt, one of the most gratifying parts of this 30 day cleanse is knowing that my babies are eating nothing but good, real food.

no chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, msg, nitrites, trans fats … none of those things.

i had wondered how hard it would be, how practical and feasible … i mean, my kiddos love to snack!  and (unfortunately), graham crackers, ritz crackers, and various other mega processed foods were becoming all too frequent in their snacking lineup. i definitely wasn’t buying the crazy “super bad” junk food – no more fake fruit snacks, no boxed cookies and all those things – but,  i knew there had to be a better way.

better options.

here’s what i am finding: we are snacking less.

and the snacks they are eating? fresh fruit, some fresh veggies (this one is harder and an area of continued improvement!), raisins, dried unsweetened coconut, dried fruit, unsweetened rice cakes (for josiah).

and our meals are full of -what else? – good, organic meat. LOTS of veggies. more fruit. brown rice (for josiah).

good stuff … nourishing their growing bodies. makes this mama’s heart feel energized and happy.


One Response to “feeding them”

  1. jani Says:

    I love your happy family!! 🙂 And good for you for sticking with this new plan.

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