January 20, 2013

:: i had an epiphany this week, despite having a degree in this stuff, working for years with kids that primarily grew up in highly dysfunctional, chaotic environments: children speak what they hear. they learn what they hear.  it was a regular day around here, and once again josiah blew us away with something he said … and we realized: he heard US saying that. he hears US saying so much to each other, so much sharing of ideas and discussion and talking throughout our days. and he speaks from that “database” of rich language … so basic and so true. my heart breaks for the babies that are hearing violence and profanity and scary.

:: i have had a major cleaning project hanging over my head for a couple of weeks: i *need* to get this big archaic space-taking, eye-sore desk out of our room. the drawers are overflowing with sentimental keepsakes; the top piled high with baskets overflowing, papers and bills spewing everywhere.   i need to make that corner of our room a sleeping space for baby caleb, who now pretty much only sleeps in our bed … he’s outgrown the bassinet, and there’s really no other place. and nights are beyond uncomfortable for this mama – back aching, neck craning through the night. SO, the cleaning project. i started last weekend and thought i would work on it during the week. but i realized …

:: i can barely keep up with basics of day-to-day living during the week … simply do not have the time to spend a few hours on a project. i was grumpy about it for a while, longing simply for a few uninterrupted hours (maybe in a few years?). but i decided to accept it, not stress over the project mid-way done … and work hard this weekend. so it’s now saturday and when i had a great window (caleb napping, josiah hanging with daddy) i did a tear up deep clean in our bathroom! it needed it so bad and i just jumped in … and feel so good about it. but needless to say, it took a chunk of energy and time … next was time to prepare lunch, and now it’s almost naptime. maybe i’ll tackle the project then? because now my energy is low, i’d love to shower and enjoy this glorious sunny cold day with my family. we shall see!

:: i made a pinky pact with 2 other mama’s doing this whole9 cleanse, that we would get out and take a good walk every day. i have made this happen most days, which i am glad about … the impact of being in the fresh air and moving my body is so real and good for me. i am a fresh air girl, period. confession: i cracked my kitchen window yesterday despite the freezing temps outside – just had to feel the cool fresh air. SO, the coolest thing is that many afternoons have been crystal clear, blue skies during my walk … absolutely glorious. i am walking farther, extending by a block or a hill each time. last week i invited hubby to join and ohmyword, one would have thought that man was in a fast walking competition, LOL. i could barely keep up! ha. but it felt good.

daddy walk



:: so, whole 9 … as i type this (it’s now sunday) we are on day 20!!! twenty days of no sugar, bread, rice, pasta, grains, dairy, fake anything. i am down 10 lbs which rocks! and mostly, i do feel pretty darn good. steady. even keel. no bloat at all. i am SO proud of my family and especially my daughter, who has not wavered once … no complaining, no asking to cheat, not once. amazing.  i will say that the work involved in eating like this is crazy. i spend hours prepping and cooking each day. there are no “convenience” options. lunch is a fully cooked meal, no heating up something from the freezer. the biggest bummer/challenge continues to be breakfast. we can’t do eggs, of course no other traditional grain/bread/oats options – so we are left with … chicken sausage. turkey bacon.  repeat. sure, i eat leftovers but maddie and hubby are not on board with eating, say, a bowl of leftover soup for breakfast. i MISS a bowl of hot steel cut oats with coconut milk, honey and cinnamon … a plate of hot pancakes with butter and maple syrup … ok, enough of that. suffice to say, i am going to be figuring out what foods i will be bringing back in to our diet, especially including breakfast options.

ok, a few pictures of my precious babies …

maddie bjorn

sweet big sis wanted to try wearing caleb in the bjorn!


amazing how much josiah loves his baby brother. he is always wanting to hold his hand, help put a paci back in, help him when he's crying. precious.

amazing how much josiah loves his baby brother. he is always wanting to hold his hand, help put a paci back in, help him when he’s crying. precious.



darling hat made by our dear friend jessica!

darling hat made by our dear friend jessica!




One Response to “snippets”

  1. Meredith Says:

    What about green smoothies gor breakfast? Spinach, banana, whichever other berries you want, and maybe some coconut milk?

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