happy 4 months, baby caleb!!

January 30, 2013

our precious little baby is already 4 months – how is that possible?! i feel like i am blinking and this baby is growing, more quickly than even josiah did, and my arms and my heart yearn to keep holding him for so much longer. it’s really bittersweet, this thinking that he may be the last baby i hold and nurse and carry within and breathe deeply and swaddle in a burrito bundle. as the days speed and wildness swirls about, having these 2 baby boys under 2, i want to slow it all and especially the fast growing of this precious, amazing little love bug.

caleb michael, how we love you!

he has joined our family seamlessly … such an easy, happy baby boy. he is squishy and content, happy in mama’s arms, laying under the play gym oooh-ing and ahh-ing at his reflection and the dangly objects …

happy watching his brother running around and

his brother leaning in to kiss him.

he is on a good rhythm of sleep-eat- awake, cycling every 2.5-3 hours (would like it more like 3.5 but not worried about it)

he is a champion breast-feeder, and very efficient. no marathon feeding sessions for this baby anymore …

i think he’s spit up maybe 3 times in his life?!

sounds strange, but i think he’s thinned out this month as we’ve been on this cleanse diet – that *wasn’t* my goal, hello! he’s still squishy and has plentiful rolls!

as i write this, he is congested – clear and plentiful – and is chomping on anything he can get in his mouth. teething, anyone?!

he really just goes with the flow … sleeps wherever, literally –

he has no place to sleep. lol. he’s outgrown the bassinet (never loved it anyway), and my cleaning project goal for our room (to bring in playpen) hasn’t been completed, so for naps he sleeps wherever there is an opening (ie, josiah’s crib if it isn’t naptime for J, etc). i know this sleeping arrangement (or lack thereof) is less than ideal, particularly in forming some good habits. at night, he cuddles with us (aka, nurses and sleeps in mama’s arms). i am *ready* for him to have his own designated space.

he has shown zero interest in food, which is fine … i am in NO hurry to rush things along. no foods til 6 months sounds like a great plan.

he is so strong! head up and strong when on belly time; mega kicking when on his back.

no rolling over yet!

his poor skin is really dry – an all over dryness vs the patches of eczema josiah has. and a couple weeks ago he started scratching his head/forehead, just like josiah did, so he has to wear “mitts” (socks) most of the time to avoid injury 😦 hate it. try to keep him constantly moisturized to avoid dryness and itchiness.

he lights up when we talk to him! laughing, talking, happy.

there was this moment today when i looked deeply in his eyes and honestly thought my heart would melt or explode, he just beamed the biggest joyful smile and i thought: this is it. love cannot get any greater.

hello, love

hello, love

i took pictures on the same quilt i did josiah’s monthly pics on (starting when he was 5 months). here goes …


"kiss baby caleb?"

“kiss baby caleb?”




One Response to “happy 4 months, baby caleb!!”

  1. Jackie G. Says:

    Hi Emily ~ Congrats to you and Mike and your beautiful boys! I enjoyed your post, very much! Your writing is delightful! Your post allowed me to reminisce of my youngest son’s arrival, 23~years ago….a very special and ‘heavenly’ moment in time!

    My very best to you, all, and I look forward to meeting you via Barbette and our B-Beautiful Childrens Foundation

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