learning to love

February 5, 2013

sunday morning found me in an intense phone conversation with a dear sister friend.

we’ve been in a rough patch in our friendship and needed reconciliation.

the conversation lasted over an hour; hurts were shared, misunderstandings processed and hurt feelings revealed. it was hard – tears were shed; there were moments of silence; reaching out and pulling back.

ultimately, there was peace. connection. grace.

at one point during the conversation she said to me, “i am learning.” how to be a friend. how to love well. me too.


later that same day, another precious friend came to our home to share an abundance, gifting our family with much-needed and appreciated sundries.

in our hugs goodbye, i thanked her for being an amazing friend.

“i am learning,” she said.


i was struck that my day was bookend-ed by dear friends, saying the very same thing:

” i am learning.”

and aren’t we all?? to love better, to rise above our selfish natures, unfair expectations, critical thoughts, hurts that we nurse and hold on to.

LORD, let me love deeply! with Your grace, through Your strength, loving Your people. let me keep in mind that we are all walking with quiet hurts, burdens, and stress.

i’ve had this verse written on a card in my windowsill, and it reminds me so perfectly,

“accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to GOD.” romans 15:7

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One Response to “learning to love”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Beautifully said…. Thank you.

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