three years ago

February 11, 2013

i started sharing my thoughts and my life in this little space.

i am so glad that i did! i love having a place that holds our story, our pictures, our life … so much that i would have forgotten had i not put the words here. so, i am thankful for the sweet friends who encouraged me to start sharing  …

here is my very first post, which makes me smile.

i think about how, just a few days ago (and before reading this original post again) i whispered to my husband, “can i please get dressed and go to a job?? because that would be so much easier.” it had been a particularly grueling day here, schooling with bad attitudes (teacher and student, lol), relentless toddler and baby needs, unending chores. and a serious case of mama-grumpy.

so yes, as i shared those years ago, going to a job does represent a grand distraction from the difficult and monotonous and glorious work of raising  these kids and keeping bellies full and clothes clean and routines steady.

it does amaze me to realize that in the three short years of this blog, i have birthed TWO boys! the desire of my heart, more babies … and GOD has blessed us with two. miracles!

speaking of those miracle blessings …



watching dora

watching dora2


One Response to “three years ago”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    I remember teaching preschool: 15 little ones, 8-9 hours / day. It was work. I left it there. I went home, or out, and spent time w/ adults, without a toddler hanging on my leg. No one *needing me for any of the hours between working. People used to tell me how *amazing it was to have patience with young children “every day, all day.” That was a cake-walk 😉 You’re doing the real thing now, Mama! YHWH bless you!

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