happy 5 months, baby caleb!

March 1, 2013



grab and eat!!


my sweet boy!!


well hello, brother


aww, my favorite



oh, our sweet boy … 5 months!!

you continue to be absolute sweetness … squishy, smiling, and a joy. your belly laughs and giggles this month are the BEST!!

you are intently grabbing things and putting them in your mouth – a couple weeks ago, it was amazing to watch you take your paci in and out of your mouth.

at your doctor appointment last week, you weighed 18 1/2 lbs (90% percentile) and your length was the 100% percentile!

you do *not like the exersaucer (your brother loved it at this age) but are content still hanging in your bouncy seat, grabbing at the hanging toys … or laying on a blanket, either on your belly or back (but both get old in a few minutes). you are kind of liking the bumbo seat, in short bursts.

you’re not rolling over yet but are leaning … your doctor shared that often with bigger, stockier babies, it is simply more difficult to roll over. ha. you will when you are ready πŸ™‚

your skin is uncomfortable 😦 you have itchies primarily on your head, on the little bridge between your nose, and your neck. we’ve tried a range of lotions on you and your skin responds best, right now, to aquaphor.

you are on less of a tight schedule than your big brother – still, generally,Β it’s sleep-eat-wake … but i am much more relaxed about it. this past week, you’ve had a harder time relaxing to sleep for your naps, so a few times i’ve nursed you to sleep which has made you happy…

sleeping seems to be changing up – the past week, you’ve not always taken a nap on the “cycle” but rather, seem to be moving toward a few bigger naps during the day. you definitely is ready for a nap after about an hour of waking in the morning. after that, it’s anyone’s guess πŸ™‚

at night, you prefer being close to mama. many nights, you’ll be cuddled next to me and will sleep great, waking a few times to nurse and sleep.

(mama had an epiphany last week after reading yet another “sleep training” book/article/piece of advice: none of the information – no matter how well-intentioned and helpful for others – applies to my babies who are miserable with eczema. period. we will not allow our babies to be miserable and “cry it out” when their skin is on fire and the crying = stress = more itchies. unconscionable. so as we work, keep working …. to find healing … in the meantime, we comfort our babies. and the more that mama lets go of the “shoulds” and embraces the brevity of this season, the less stressful it is. really.)

you are exclusively breastfed and showing only minimal interest in food – really, your interest is in cups and objects moving to a mouth. you love to suck on the bottom of a water bottle! i am in NO hurry to introduce foods and discussed with our ped that i will likely wait until 6 months.

you *love* watching your brother and find him completely entertaining! you also love watching cartoons and completely move to make sure you can see the screen!

you are completely amazing, delicious and i want to just freeze time … stay in mama’s arms a bit longer!!

(here is the post about josiah at 5 months … so fun to read and see the pics!)

just for fun, here is josiah at 5 months …


and caleb …



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