cool, nourishing tea {horsetail, oat straw & coconut milk}

March 2, 2013

my dear friend shawnna continues to inspire and encourage me along this real food, real health journey … and one area that she has generously shared her wisdom and resources has been with herbal teas.  it is mind-boggling, really, to consider all that’s available for health and healing that can be brewed and enjoyed. i am just scratching the surface!

i made this latest concoction after reading this article, which reminded me about the importance of magnesium. shawnna pointed me back to horsetail and oat straw, and i remembered that i had both in my pantry.

here are pictures of both the oat straw and horsetail …

literally like big weed tubes

literally like big weed tubes

looks like

looks like dried grass

here’s what i did …

in a large glass (gallon? half gallon?) mason jar, i put about a handful of both horsetail and oat straw.

** added boiling water to fill the jar and let it steep for probably an hour

** drained the tea in to another jar and added probably a tablespoon of raw honey

** added 1/2 can full fat coconut milk and some cinnamon

that’s it! i refrigerated it and it’s so good … slightly sweet, nutty, and refreshing ( a bit like horchata?). i love knowing that we are drinking so much goodness!


2 Responses to “cool, nourishing tea {horsetail, oat straw & coconut milk}”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is neat! I would love if you’d consider linking this up to the Saturday Round Up!

  2. Thank you for linking up and congrats on being featured!! I hope you’ll consider linking up again this week…the Round Up is Live!! 🙂

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