trips, musicals and 13th birthday

March 18, 2013

last week was pretty intense. hubby’s business trip(s) – gone for 8 long days – coincided with madison’s tech week rehearsal schedule for her musical, which meant rehearsals til 8 pm a few nights and 11pm other nights. yowch, with 2 babies sleeping at home. i am SO thankful for amazing family and friends that stepped in and picked her up all the nights but one … what a huge help.

things came to a head on thursday, as it was both opening night for maddie’s show and the night that hubby was to arrive home. unfortunately, his flight came in around 11pm … the show started at 7:30pm … and i just couldn’t be there. even as i type this, that sick mama heart feeling of missing opening night – comes back palpably. i hate that we weren’t there with her, there in the lobby after the show to greet and celebrate. {logistics of having 3 kiddos has meant more and more times of missing out or not being as present for maddie as i’ve always been.}

the night all worked out fine … i packed up the babies to pick up maddie from her show and then we went to the airport to pick up hubby. SO good to have him back! truly, i gained a new appreciation for 2 things: 1 -that i can really handle long days and hours alone with the boys and 2 – i LOVE having him here providing more help than i realized before.

a gross cold bug had descended on us and that next morning at 5am, caleb was incorrigible – happy only when i held/walked with him in our bathroom with the loud fan blaring. poor sweet baby. maddie woke, came in to our room and said she wasn’t feeling good .. oh no! it was the 2nd day of her musical performance and it’s an understatement to say that she’s LOVED being in this production, was beyond excited for the performances, and already feeling blue thinking of it ending. i spent the day nursing sweeties and trying various things to help maddie feel better. she was so excited that hubby would be seeing her show that night, and didn’t want to miss. alas, he drove her there and i got a text saying they were heading back home – she didn’t feel she could do it. poor love.

the following day was her 13th birthday – 13th!!!. it was also her final musical performance, and me mom and grandma would be watching. hubby would be hanging with the babies! per our tradition, i decorated our house the night before so she woke to streamers and decor.  i gave her a bible and a new devotional – one that she can do alone (we do one together at bedtime) – and spoke words of encouragement to her heart about her growing up, seeking GOD and HIS word not just with her parents but knowing GOD’s great love for *her* and HIS truths and love expressed in His word.

i also made her traditional “number” cake – every year since she turned three, i’ve made a cake with her age. so fun!


she felt better throughout the day and was able to join the final show – and it was *amazing!! wow, what an awesome show. and what a treat for me, to get to watch sans babies. yippee! hubby arrived after with the babies, and we enjoyed the post-show cast party. her voice was almost gone and she was deeply exhausted but overall, a sweet birthday for our girl and i am SO glad …


hubby arrived just as the show ended !

hubby arrived just as the show ended !

with her grandma and great grandma

with her grandma and great grandma





secretly, i was looking forward to the coming of sunday – the mania of musicals and prep and birthday would have settled, and we could go get her ears pierced (her much-coveted bday gift) and then go out to a fun dinner (a restaurant she’s been to once with friends and has wanted for months and years for us to go together). finally, mom would be hosting a little family bday celebration for her after dinner. FUN.

the day was lovely … sunny … and just happy. blessed.

mid-afternoon, she and i went to the mall for the ear piercing gift … she was (of course) so brave and was thrilled with her piercing!

happy girl

happy girl

early that evening, we dropped josiah off at my mom’s and took maddie to a special dinner … sort of just us “big people” because caleb was with us, and of course restless and fussy during the meal!, but i refused to let it be a focus and instead celebrated our girl! and the special night!




me and my girl

me and my girl

after dinner, we returned to mom’s and had a sweet celebration with family. lots of love, cake and gift cards! haa haa.

silly boys!

silly boys!





life has settled back to somewhat normal and i am craving really being proactive about some tighter rhythms and order this week, so we’ll see .. 🙂


One Response to “trips, musicals and 13th birthday”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Gorgeous, growing young lady 🙂
    It’s OK to set limits and reduce stress, Mama… and to breathe.
    Glad you had family & friends who helped out– so good to be able to ask for, and receive support when needed.
    I remember 13 was the “ear-piercing age” when I was a kid, too. SO exciting! In my 30’s, I let them grow shut again– different priorities now, but I remember… 🙂

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