i said yes

March 22, 2013

i am glad that i said yes.

not just with my lips, but with my heart.

admittedly, i was looking forward to my morning walk … alone with my thoughts while pushing the boys in the stroller; a “much-needed” break from the nonstop routine of cleaning-cooking-schooling-mothering at home.

as i got ready to leave, she quickly said, “i’ll come with you, mama!”

yes, sounds like a great idea. πŸ™‚

as we walked, we talked and laughed … ideas were shared, plans discussed, ideas offered.

and i realized: i am the person closest to her, her primary influencer and her main relationship (a daunting reality i’ve been grappling with much these days) – a tremendous weight and responsibility. Β when i open the door, there is a safe and beautiful space to share her heart … and for me to love and guide and disciple.

as women, we can be bombarded by our culture telling us what we need and deserve; as mama’s especially we are reminded that we deserve “me” time. and i’m certainly not downplaying the deep value in solitude; i just know that construct creates an artificial scenario that plays out in my mind (‘wait, you come on my walk?? but i want/need to get away‘).

it felt so good to embrace the moment … remembering how fleeting this time is, and how extraordinary it is to get to spend my days with this growing {fast} girl. and? how awesome that she wants to join me on a walk!

{one extra nugget of beauty: we talked about extracurricular involvements, perhaps there is a sport or activity she can participate in, now that theater has ended? her response: “i love our evenings at home together!”. ahhh. me too, my girl.}

today's walk

today’s walk


One Response to “i said yes”

  1. Elise Says:

    Hi, Emily! Such a lovely walk you had. I love that your girl is happy to be home with you. πŸ™‚
    I am due April 10th- so close! Feeling heavy and tired and low, but did some fun nesting today, so any time would be great! πŸ™‚ Just want to focus now on filling my children’s love cups and keeping this house tidy and running well so when I leave to have my girl, they are secure. If you think of me, please pray! I have to travel over forty-five minutes to the hospital, and all the logistics of child care while we’re gone, etc., is a little overwhelming. I know the Lord will provide!
    Thank you for asking, friend. ❀ (p.s.- if you're on Facebook, we could keep up there! Just look for me…)

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