happy 6 months, baby caleb!

March 27, 2013

our sweet boy, my baby, is 6 months.

how is this happening?! i just read josiah’s 6 month post and it’s so interesting to read their similarities and differences! most notable for me is that caleb is NOT moving, haa! like, at all. the boy hasn’t fully rolled over yet!! crazy. and yet, fine. like his pediatrician (love love love her) said, bigger babies often roll later. there is just more to roll.  at his 5 month appointment, he was in the 100% percentile for weight and the 90% for height (or vice versa, don’t have the stats right here) so yep, there’s a bit more to roll than his long lean green bean big brother!

he is a perfectly angelic sweet love. truly. he is content, smiles generously and constantly, and loves spitting, making raspberries, and silly voice sounds. he grabs like a madman, often yanking the attachments from his exersaucer, and gets them quickly in his mouth. and yes, he is finally enjoying the exersaucer! he still will chill in the bouncy seat, entertained by the dangly things to grab. his reflection totally tickles his socks off!

he is on much LESS of a rhythm and schedule than josiah was … i generally just feel SO MUCH MORE relaxed about making sure everything goes “just so” – the structure provided me beautiful sanity with josiah, but with caleb the flexibility is working best. mostly, he eats every 3 hours but truly that is a rough estimate. and mostly, he is on a sleep-eat-wake cycle but again, there are days that feeding him to sleep works best (when nothing else will).

the past several days have been tricky about the getting-him-to-sleep process. unfortunately, CIO (crying it out) just isn’t tenable with my babies, who itch terribly (and the crying and upset worsens the itchies). poor caleb’s head and neck are really irritated and itchy, so he often has a hard time settling to sleep ;( i have this soft little “brush” that i use to brush, brush, brush his hair and he loooooves that. swaddling is out – he breaks free quickly. sometimes face down will be a happy place for him but other times, he’ll just rub his face so hard (with “gloves” on his hands always). i’ve found that burrowing in to a blanket, with the paci and some head brushing, tends to settle him happily.

i am feeling the need to create more consistency with the nighttime routine. i don’t bathe him nightly, but he definitely is sleepy and i’ve found that it’s really “bedtime” for him in the late evening (7-ish). i’ve been putting him in the playpen near our bed and he wakes again for sure (sometimes multiple times, especially if i’m trying to watch a show! lol) between 9-10pm-ish. then a few times lately i’ve been able to lay him right back down in the playpen and he’ll sleep a couple more hours before waking.

i’ve had such a beautiful shift in my mind about the whole (loaded, heavy) subject of SLEEP. it’s such a focus: how’s your baby sleeping?? and the million dollar question: is he sleeping through the night?? and i’ve just accepted that during this season of parenting babies, i won’t get a lot of sleep. and that’s ok. really, it is. when i let go of this angst about not getting “enough” and just surrender to what is, a great peace follows. my sweet baby loves cuddling with mama. and honestly, when i blink he will be almost 2 like his big brother, a big boy sleeper, and these yummy infant days will be gone. so it is ok, fine and dare i say pretty normal? that he loves closeness to mama; that he is most comfortable right there?

he has just started showing interest in foods the past couple weeks, and i’ve been in no hurry to start feeding him. i *finally pumped some breast milk last week (first time) to mix with a banana, which we did on sunday. he was mildly interested but of course not very “successful” with getting much in his mouth :). i haven’t given him any more. i did buy some organic brown rice cereal and may try that soon. we’ll see.

he is losing hair, just like josiah did … so it’s kind of patchy in the back but he still has quite a bit on top. can’t wait to see how it grows and changes!

oh, how you are loved, sweet baby caleb!!! 

my precious babies, love ...

my precious babies, love …

can't resist this one!

can’t resist this one!

squish! those feet!!

squish! those feet!!

a bit blurry but hilarious! eating up the exersaucer.

a bit blurry but hilarious! eating up the exersaucer.

hi self :)

hi self 🙂

fell asleep on daddy, holding his hand like this ...

fell asleep on daddy, holding his hand like this …

partial roll? :)

partial roll? 🙂


One Response to “happy 6 months, baby caleb!”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    My biggest one took a while to roll over, crawl, etc. too. There’s are a LOT of “variations on normal” that are all healthy and good.
    I remember a lot of pressure to start foods early, and finding that each kid had a different timetable as to when they were ready, and it’s not always when the local “expert” says “now.”
    Enjoy, Mama.
    Yes– very normal and good and healthy for him to love being w/ you. Also very normal and good and healthy to have support around Mama, who will *need a nap on occasion 😉 Sleep when he does as often as you can.

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