love in action

April 6, 2013

this has been a long week of feeling really sick and crappy. it feels like the crud has just hung on, continued to hurt in new ways and never quite lift. and my man is out of town! today, finally, i feel some lifting … some light at the end of this tunnel!

more than ever, i have such deep appreciation for the ways that i’ve been loved and supported and helped this week. simple acts of kindness have honestly meant so much!! one morning, a dear friend showed up unexpectedly with herbs, teas, and healing foods; later that day, another friend dropped off some soup for lunch; my mom brought by some saline nasal rinse; another dear friend dropped off some throat lozenges.

i’ve heard many times, “what do you need?? let me know and i will bring it to you.”

those words, spoken in truth and sincerity, mean SO much! it is so hard to ask for help but made so much easier when the offer feels sincere and from the heart.

i read this quote last week, posted by krystle:

“Sympathy is no substitute for action”

-David Livingstone

wow! how true. i am renewed in my challenge to BE the hands and feet, loving and serving and DOING.

because sometimes the doing is really where it’s at.


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