what a waste

April 15, 2013


i love this picture.

it brings me back to our glorious days at my aunt and uncle’s cabin celebrating 4th of july … sunshine, sparkling blue lake at the base of the mountain, barbecue, family and friends, the fresh air of the forest, fireworks, a big campfire. so much goodness and joy.

when i found this picture the other day, it brought back other memories, too: was mad.  i was actually pouting and grumpy as this picture was being taken.

hubby and i had argued over something stupid – so stupid and silly, in fact, that i cannot even remember what it was.

all i remember was the feeling. my emotions completely undergirded that moment; i couldn’t move past them or get over them and as a result, this beautiful memory is tainted. i was agitated and frustrated at him, for something ridiculous! it was one of those times when the irritation feels like it’s sinking so deeply in and it can’t be quickly shaken.

i wish i could go back and shake the woman in that picture: enjoy the moment, emily! get over the stupid stuff, quick. it’s not worth it.

i love this guy SO much!

“a man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” (proverbs 19:11)


One Response to “what a waste”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Only “a waste” if we don’t learn from it.
    Rather than tainted, maybe it’s a “good, green space” where growth is marked out vividly.
    One of the greatest values of a photo is in the memory.


    Love to you, Emily. Remember the good journey.

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