uncertain times

May 17, 2013

Life is intense and uncertain right now for our family.

For starters, we are moving *somewhere, in a couple weeks. Time to move from our current apartment, and  realizing how difficult and competitive the search is … made crazier by our shrinking timeline and my husband being out of town this whole week. Managing regular daily life with these two babies under 2 is generally enough; adding the pressure of an immediate house hunt and packing our home makes it a bit overwhelming.

I realized today that I have been so head down with the immediate that i have barely “looked up” – oh, yeah, its mid-may, the weather is beautiful, spring and life are happening all around me and I have barely noticed.

I have found God’s word to be life and breath for me. Oh, the psalms! Scripture is so full of life-giving Truth; I know for sure He is sovereign and working out His good plans. That is something so awesome about walking in obedience: the comfort of resting in knowing that He is in the details and I am loved.

Last week Maddie and I were talking about our situation,  about all the unknowns. I told her that GOD knows how this situation will end and is looking at how we trust Him in the meantime. So again and anew, I resolve to trust.


2 Responses to “uncertain times”

  1. jani Says:

    Oh my! I’d not realized your situation. Praying for you during this transition time. You are so right… God knows and He cares and will provide. Trusting is hard, but what else can one do?

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    Find “a stone,” look back, and remember the Provider.

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