we made it

July 12, 2013

to our new home.

after 10 days at a hotel, 1 amazing week in seattle, and another part of a week crashing with family.

there were some amazing moments, for sure. i joked with my hubby that all the whining i had been doing about wanting to “stay at a hotel” – yeah, that’s out of my system for a while. ha. because staying at a hotel, even a fun extended stay one with a separate bedroom and a big tv and an elevator (josiah’s dream) and a “cupboard” (aka 7-11 market) in the lobby… yep, that gets old. especially with two little ones, right? we reminisced about the many hotel nights we spent back when maddie was a competitive gymnast – weekends away, just our little family of 3, and those hotel times were *way* different than the ones we spent last month with two baby boys. hee hee.

the week in seattle was a generous, incredibly unexpected blessing in all of this … a week at my aunt and uncle’s *lovely* home, where we could relax and play and generally just feel spoiled and comfortable. we had some fun in the city and had some really sweet moments with family … deepening relationships.

we returned to medford the night before our expected move date only to learn that our home would not be ready the following day … and we had no firm date. it ended up being available friday (instead of tuesday) so my gracious mom and grandparents allowed us to crash for those days which was interesting: me and baby caleb stayed in the guest room at my grandparents, and maddie/mike/josiah stayed at mom’s. thankfully, they live on the same street so we were close but it was weird, being separated.

we are now 2 weeks in our new home … and as i was telling a dear mama friend last week, i was feeling like there were no firm lines in my life, no structure, no routines, nothing tight. i felt uneasy and desperate for order.

i realized that i thrive within boundaries, as much as i tend toward spontaneity and being flexible. and if i, a grown up mama need boundaries and structure, how much more do my babies?? for sure.

so my focus has been on just that: reestablishing mealtimes, naptimes, some rhythm to our days.

and this is made easier when i am *home*. not rushing about, enjoying diversions and distractions (which i do love … meeting a friend, running to target, etc etc). so we’ve been home all week, enjoying evening walks when it’s cool enough and friends visiting during the morning a couple of days.

there is still *so* much to do and i am especially struggling with wanting to buy and furnish … honestly hated bringing our super old furniture to this lovely new space, and yet … in time. GOD has provided so abundantly for our needs, just as we need it. so, trying to focus on contentment and on needs vs. wants.



3 Responses to “we made it”

  1. jani Says:

    Contentment is a form of worship… i’ve read somewhere.
    Can’t wait to see pictures. 🙂

  2. Leaves Heal Says:

    I hear you re- contentment…dreaming of a van someday… and a homestead…
    At the moment, realizing that I need to enjoy a house while I have one.
    Need to build the garden I have to be more functional & lower-maintenance, rather than dreaming of planting land I can’t stand on yet.
    “Be here while you’re here.” It won’t last forever.

  3. liz Says:

    So glad you’re home and all is well! I hear you about the craving for order — I’m in the middle of that and won’t be finished for another month at least, maybe two. (Our belongings are being packed as we speak, and will take 6 weeks to get home.) But in the midst, thank you for the reminder to be grateful for the amazing abundance in my life.

    Are you going to the hs reunion? I don’t think I can make it that weekend, but am contemplating a Medford trip in August while we wait for our stuff to arrive — will let you know if I come. Love to all.

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