:: what each of us is loving these days ::

August 26, 2013

*i wrote this a couple weeks ago and just realized i hadn’t published it … some things already outdated but want to share before it’s all outdated!*

wanting to capture *life* as it is right now … the things that we are loving and enjoying lately.

(( i asked maddie  to share her response … here it is, unedited ))

:: Madison ::

*reorganizing the jewelry on my dresser

*buying a magazine, then painting my toes and reading the magazine while my toes dry

*dancing/singing to taylor swift, katy perry and beyonce

*being alone in my room watching shows on my kindle


*writing songs

*being home alone


:: Josiah ::

*trash, trash, trash … always trash

*BIG trucks, especially dump trucks & tractors

*books on dump trucks & tractors that he’s memorized

*calling out to mama, “you’re my cuddle bug!” from her bed and the way she comes running, to laugh and cuddle and kiss me up

*getting in daddy’s work chair, then running away laughing yelling “you little boy!”

*his paci and blanket {passionately and always in unison}

*swimming in the bathtub “like a dolphin”

*saying, “we should go to the dollar tree”


*walks, especially past this blackberry bush around the corner and getting to pick and eat delicious blackberries

*whenever friends or family come to visit, or we go visit them. SO excited!

*exploring, learning, asking “what’s this?”

*reading books, lots and lots and LOTS of books every day

*taking any toy his brother is playing with 🙂

:: Emily ::

*afternoons when the boys’ naps overlap

*iced coffee during said naptime, writing, reading & blogging

*fresh flowers in a new lime green pitcher jar on my kitchen counter

*the thrill of new library books

*two books i just got from the library on herbs – realizing there is SO much healing in the “weeds”! only recently have we culturally looked to chemicals/pharmaceuticals to solve & heal … GOD created so much for our benefit and healing! scratching the surface and excited.

*deep conversation, heart-sharing with girlfriends

*baby wearing my precious growing caleb!

*grocery shopping alone (or wearing caleb)

*a clean kitchen … thanks to my daughter working hard to make this a daily reality.

*blue skies this past weekend – a break from the smoke

*hosting lots of friends and families the past several days


*our new home, designed perfectly for us. thank GOD.

*hubby’s home office! his own space! no longer in our living room!!

*the way the sunlight streams through the kitchen window in the late afternoon

*daily walks with my boys

*when our days follow a structure and rhythm … feels good, less scattered

*instagram 🙂

*my hubby’s hugs & kisses

:: baby caleb ::

*crawling everywhere super fast

*pulling up on anything & everything, then squealing with joy and pride at having done it

*nursing a lot lately to ease the discomfort of the two top teeth poking through

*daddy. enough said.

*playing with the hose set on the “mist” setting … mouth agape, so happy

*being in mama or daddy’s arms whenever *anyone* is around

*car rides

*books being read

*outlets, dangerous cords, precarious standing positions

*light switches: turn on, turn off. repeat.

*pulling brother’s hair – who can resist those curls?

*walks. always loves walks.

*when mama whistles


One Response to “:: what each of us is loving these days ::”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Kindle has “shows?”
    I thought it was an e-book thing…
    So much to learn, and it’s obsolete next week!
    Good to love life 🙂

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