:: one ::

October 22, 2013

our littlest man, our precious baby caleb … has turned one.

i know, so cliche but *really*, how is this possible??

{as with nearly everything these days it seems, i am behind … in this case, in updating about his life and highlights! this blog really serves as a journal … a baby book – baby caleb doesn’t even have one 😦 – so when i am behind on sharing nuggets, i feel like they are lost forever. because goodness knows i can’t remember that much, hee hee.}

september 24th was his actual first birthday … 3:24pm, and crazy enough, i was at my ob/gyn for my yearly appt at the very same time to the minute as i was with him (the ob/gyn) for caleb’s birth one year earlier. wild!

he has just begun to really assert his opinion and his independence … most noticeable in the back-arching, yelping fit he throws if he doesn’t get his way (ie, the toy he’s clamoring for, entrance to daddy’s office, etc).

he is the most ADORABLE toddling new walker *ever*. i am so serious.  he is the straight leg, he’s-just-about-to-topple-over with every step, giggling proud of himself walker! he has just taken off. in the past week, he’s transitioned from mostly crawling to mostly walking. and like i said, the most adorable walker i may have ever seen.  hard to not swoop him up and take a big bite out of his squishy thigh when he toddles past.

he’s still got his 4 teeth – 2 on top, two on bottom. the 2 on top have a big gap which kills me. 😉

he’s getting these curls … and the color of his hair changes in the light from a caramel golden brown to lighter and darker shades. little curls are coming up.

we were laughing today about the fact that his growing “vocabulary” (can it be called that?! lol) does NOT include anything about mommy or daddy. LOL. really, though, i think he does associate “da da” with daddy. but other sounds are more clear: “BAAA BAA” for ball is unmistakeable and specific. “nahh nahh” with a sheepish grin, for night night. and a lot of “da da” and “baa” for other things, like dog. he does a good “TT” sound, for train, etc. he tried to say “shoe” at the store last week and was pretty successful with the “sh” sound, again with a knowing sheepish grin.


seriously, he is just pretty much so sweet. sweetest disposition. toddles. gazes admiringly at brother and sister. loves nursing. prefers daddy to anyone else when he wants to hold fingers and walk around (less this week as he’s walking alone).

his appetite has waned this week … snotty nose? teething? but he had been loving a big bowl of brown rice and seasoned ground beef – fed to him and also on his tray for him to pick up in fistfuls. he’s a masterful cup-drinker, still. he loves a bowl of cereal and mostly prefers drinking the rice milk from the bowl. he loves applesauce. some days, avocado – other days, he spits it out. his taste changes so i keep introducing things. i need to be renewed in my focus on that as i can get in a rut. he will try almost anything and especially *anything in daddy’s bowl … both boys often end up on hubby’s lap during meals.

he’s been decidedly and pretty intensely “shy” and unwilling to be held by pretty much anyone but me, hubby and maddie. thankfully, last weekend my mom came over and her and maddie tag-teamed and watched the boys … and i was *thrilled* to hear that caleb did not cry once with her but was happy to be held, to ride in the stroller on a walk with her, etc. (this is HUGE = our first official date since his birth). he is just starting to not pucker and cry so much at nearly anyone who approaches him, including extended family.

sleep … oh sweet sleep. so, the good news is that i have been completely UNstressed about “sleep training” with this baby. it dominated so much of my mind with josiah and really robbed me of SO much joy during those many months.  i have just completely relaxed in to what was with caleb … and what was, and is, is that he prefers sleeping next to me. or on me. but for sure in my arms.

i keep thinking he is transitioning to one daily nap – for the past month, there have been occasional days where he is happy and awake til 11:30 or 12 … then takes a solid 2+hour nap and is ready for bed about 7:30. but just when i think we are moving in that direction, he is clearly super tired and ready for that 10am morning nap … and then likely a quick afternoon nap.

so one year of having him right on me all night long has now grown … a bit wearisome. i know it’s time for some changes when i feel my irritation rising; when i can’t use the restroom or most of all, have quality time with my big girl because i am bound by this dependent little squishy boy. here’s the sobering reality: he is ready for bed around 8pm and nurses to sleep; he wakes within TWO hours and out of sheer exhaustion, i have been nursing him back to sleep … then either putting him back (in his playpen in our closet) or letting him stay in our bed. either way, in a couple hours or less, he is awake again. and so it continues til 7am-ish.

so what i know is that the pattern of getting to nurse upon every waking needs to change and when his congestion is all cleared up, it will be time. ahh, fun parenting times … *sigh*.

yesterday hubby was commenting on how chill, how easy cool and awesome this baby is … so true. i know i’ve said it before but wow, he is pure sweetness.

ok, time for a photo dump!

pointing out the duck in his favorite book

pointing out the duck in his favorite book

at the bottom of the tunnel slide at one our favorite parks ;)

at the bottom of the tunnel slide at one our favorite parks 😉

umm, love this

umm, love this

bummed it is blurry but dang, those gap teeth

bummed it is blurry but dang, those gap teeth

brothers ... they look so different to me even though i constantly hear how much they look alike.

brothers … they look so different to me even though i constantly hear how much they look alike.

tops of their heads while walking ... daily walks!

tops of their heads while walking … daily walks!

maddie caught both boys on mama's lap ... they laughing!

maddie caught both boys on mama’s lap … they are laughing


One Response to “:: one ::”

  1. Leaves Heal Says:

    Gorgeous! …and the babies, too 😉
    LOVE those curls! LOL!
    The one @ the bottom of the slide looks a lot like Josiah. The others, he’s decidedly Caleb.
    A bottle of water @ night consistently as the only option for sleep-time drinks?
    Hugs, Emily– hoping for real sleep for all of you soon!

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