December 24, 2013

i just returned from a glorious evening with some amazing women. my heart is refreshed and my mind is thinking over the years that have passed since these ladies started meeting. it was eight years ago  … my dear friend, gretchen, started hosting a bible study in her home. i was a part of that “founding” group. every tuesday night, rain or shine, until just after josiah’s birth … 5 or 6 years it was. the group has continued to meet, of course, and is just now wrapping up – the season for this particular study is closing. bittersweet. countless women have joined us over the years; some staying for a couple years, some more, some less. older women, younger women, from different churches and different walks … studying GOD’s word, praying together. sharing life, beautifully.

i’ve missed it so much.

tonight as i was getting ready to go, i was feeling gross: i had nothing to wear, my hair hasn’t been cut or styled in over a year, my body is out of shape (two babies in the past two years, via csection).

what a contrast to who i was when this study began those eight years ago: a fulltime working professional mom of one daughter (who attended a private school), married and part of a two-income household; occasional new clothes; hair done at the salon; away from home most nights (competitive gymnastics for our daughter 3 nights, bible study the other); date nights with hubby and a babysitter (or 2!); funds for lunches, dinner and coffee out; a gym membership and working out at lunch (*sigh*).

Now?  home every night; no new clothes or hair styled in ages; homeschooling, BABIES!

:: life is dramatically different. ::

and really?

it’s because prayers were answered.

my deepest longing to be home with my girl, having more babies?

it’s my life, now.

and i am praising Him in the craziness.



one of our very first studies was beth moore’s, “believing God” back in 2006. during the study we were asked to write down areas in which we were struggling to believe God. this is the note card i wrote then, in october 2006. pretty wild and incredible: both areas (getting pregnant and being able to stay home) did eventually come to fruition, in abundance (!!) and in God’s timing. wow.


One Response to “believe”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Oh, Emily! That note card at the end of this post! That is why I love to journal and mark what God has done. It is SO faith-building! Love you, girl.

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