Whole30 wrap up

February 11, 2014

today is the last day of our second whole30. we did the first one last january, and you can read about it here.

i have mixed feelings and many thoughts but the absolute bottom line is that i am SO GLAD to have done this. i find it to be an*excellent tool to truly re-set my self-control; my appetite; my nutritional focus.

today, i feel real control over my food choices. i have not indulged in a single bite of sugar, a bite of a grain, a taste of dairy … in 30 days. and for sure, it was hard at first … i think days 10-13 were the worst as far as feeling discouraged and apathetic. but once i dug my heels in and determined to press forward, the angst *totally* lifted.

i feel totally empowered. i am eating small, smart, intentional and delicious meals. i am pretty much not snacking. i am eating nothing in the evening (a decision i made mid-cleanse) and am *fine*.

i feel “less” as far as body size, squishiness, extra. i am back in the “normal” weight range that i settled in to pre-babies … although i am at the high end of that range and am going to keep moving forward to knock off the next 10+ lbs. i’d like to lose 20 more but who’s counting?!

i lost 10 lbs this time, and several inches.

besides that, and really much *bigger* than all that, is the way that I know GOD uses this cleanse as a big tool during work that i sense Him prompting me to do during a particular season for our family.

right now, we are working with total focus and determination on healing our boy’s skin. a huge piece (but not if you listen to the western medical doctors, ahem) is the food that he consumes. so for certain, this cleanse has been a great tool to tighten (severely!) the food he eats, and continue to evaluate best choices.

about halfway through this Whole30 i had an ah-ha moment that coconut may be a trigger for josiah so i eliminated it in all forms – a huge bummer in that i generally use a *ton of coconut oil. it’s eye opening and paradigm-shifting as some of the things that are touted as the most healthy, whole-food-community-real-food-loving items (ie, coconut oil, raw honey) may in fact *not be good for my boy. alas.

as far as meals … when we started out, i ran out of the gate with a bang and was super creative and motivated in making our meals. i lost my steam a couple weeks in 🙂 and we ate a lot of ground beef, sauteed veggies, sweet potato fries, chicken,  chicken sausage, etc. the boys all continued eating rice and quinoa. i am all about making sure my babies get enough to eat and especially for caleb, who isn’t a big meat eater, rice was essential to keep him full & happy.

for “snacks”, we enjoyed organic pure rice cakes (the boys), some dried fruit, sweet potato chips, raisins & dried coconut (maddie’s favorite).

i am MOST missing real creamer in my coffee. i am super thankful for the canned “coconut cream” from trader joe’s (please don’t tell me if it’s not 100% whole30 legit!). it made my coffee bearable. but not the same 🙂

another thing … the past couple weeks i’ve had incredible weakness in my leg strength; they feel bone tired after just walking up the stairs. it’s different than a workout-induced tired; they are deep down, muscle tired. i can only attribute it to the radical dietary changes and think it must be connected to lack of carbs perhaps… and it definitely feels unsustainable. i also haven’t had the great energy burst that many have during cleansing but am certain that my lack of sleep must be a big piece of that. 🙂

overall, this has been a great & needful cleansing time on many fronts. and i am thankful that today is day 30 … whoop whoop! cannot wait for my hazelnut breve at dutch bros tomorrow! :))


3 Responses to “Whole30 wrap up”

  1. It sounds like you’ve learned such good info about your family’s needs! I’ve been frustrated at times over the past year by the push by many friends and family to eat paleo–a lot of the foods that are considered staples are things that I’m allergic to, AND I’ve noticed that restricting nuts and legumes triggers migraines for me (ha! It’s just occurring to me that both are high in magnesium, and I’ve definitely noticed that when I take a magnesium supplement I have far fewer migraines, I’m sure that’s not a coincidence!) so, I *really* understood what you were saying about the coconut for Josiah. We are all so different, and I’m convinced that there’s no one “right” way when it comes to nutrition other than eating as cleanly as we can, whether or not that includes this food or that food.

    Congrats friend, way to push through another 30 days!

  2. home2learn Says:

    oh mere, i TOTALLY agree! i’ve been thinking so much the same thing lately: that there isn’t “ONE” perfect diet; that we all are so unique and our bodies so individual that we really must learn what works best for *us, for our kids.

  3. Leaves Heal Says:

    Sleep deprivation– definitely legit.
    Weak legs going upstairs… maybe lack of carbs.
    Could also be minerals. For me, I get weak, especially in the low back & legs, if I haven’t had sufficient minerals.
    Real Salt in water, and / or Kali Carb homeopathic fix it for me.

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