chicken enchilada bake {gluten-free}

March 13, 2014

after dinner last night, hubby told me it was the best food he’d eaten in a long time. (crazy, considering he just returned from texas and amazing food galore!). i want to capture what i made so i can make it again 😉 it was pretty  yummy.

chicken enchilada bake

1 cooked boneless chicken breast (i sauteed a couple breasts in lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt, then chopped in small pieces and set some aside for the kiddos to eat separately)

2 brown rice tortillas, cut in fourths

1/2 green bell pepper

handful spinach

1 can cannellini white beans

cooked rice

feta cheese

grated pepper jack cheese

dash cayenne pepper

1 small can green enchilada sauce

:: pour enough enchilada sauce to cover bottom of baking dish. place layer of tortillas in dish, then cover with cooked rice, chopped chicken and beans.

:: in saute pan, cook bell pepper in olive oil and season with real salt & garlic. when softened, add handful of spinach and cook a few minutes.

:: place pepper and spinach in a layer in baking dish. pour generous amounts of feta and grated pepper jack over the layer in dish. shake a generous amount of cayenne pepper over the top.

:: place another layer of tortillas, and whatever else (ie more beans, some rice, etc). cover with more cheese. there is really no way to mess this up – layers and lots of cheese = delish.

:: pour remaining enchilada sauce over layers in the dish. cover with aluminum foil and bake at 375* for 30 minutes.


terrible pic but it's all i've got!

terrible pic but it’s all i’ve got!


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