with intention

October 8, 2014

my mind and heart have been




both beautifully capture the enormity of this role of being a mama, of being a wife … the stewardship, the responsibility, the potential. the capacity to be God’s agent in equipping future generations while loving well my partner along the way.

and a theme strikes me: intention.

here’s what i know and yet i fear my life evidences that i often forget: distractions keep us distracted.

the daily-ness of life; the pull of schedules and chores and recreation and to-do lists and logistics … and then a week passes then it’s a few months. then years. the big stuff – the real stuff – can be pushed aside. so easily.

i don’t have the quick pat answer but i do like sally’s encouragement:

“Simplify your plan,

create the essentials, the rhythms that need to be established to get the work done,

cut out the unnecessary expenditures of time and energy and money that are not necessary to the overall building and

be sure to plan in rest and refreshment every week along the way.”

i am so desperate to do this mothering thing well. it’s the hardest work of my life and as hubby and i were sharing hearts about it this week, we agreed that it – parenting – is the greatest tool God uses to shape *us, to crucify our earthly focus and to grow in Christ-likeness as we desperately lean in to Him for strength and wisdom and patience. and He grows us, in this. and it’s hard.

i want to love my man well. he is God’s gift – our marriage is the sweetest gift from the One Who saw my repentance and surrender, and blessed exceedingly abundantly. oh, that i would not get caught up in the trivial, in the silly irritations and grievances but instead, as gary thomas writes,

“‘Making allowance’ means we are sensitive and encouraging about each other’s weaknesses and idiosyncrasies, the quirkiness of our natures that sometimes needs to be accommodated. We do this with joy and a good spirit. God created our spouse, so it is a joy to worship Him by celebrating this unique expression of His creative genius.”


“To have a marriage worthy of our calling, we need to be humble and gentle. We are not attacking each other, we are not harsh with each other. We do not “lord it” over one another. We are servants, mutually caring for each other. That’s what best models our calling, because that’s what most reveals the character of Christ.”


One Response to “with intention”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Yes. Amen to this! I so appreciate Gary Thomas’s words (we actually know the Thomases!) and always am inspired by Sally’s mentoring. This is so my heart, too, Emily- to be purposeful with the man and children God has entrusted to me, to not squander time or energy with the stuff that matters not but fully attend to the needs of my family (and wholeheartedly love Jesus and grow in Him!)
    Blessings to you, friend.

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