the doing & being

October 21, 2014

some days, my mind can survey the day or week ahead and be totally sunk when i think of the sheer effort that i will need to expend in parenting. there are so few pockets of rest and mostly, i need to produce … expend … give … share … create. i need creativity to conjure up meal plans and learning plans; energy to carry out play dates and outings and exploring; patience to mediate endless fights and battles; commitment to stick with discipline and follow through countless times a day; joy and excitement in order to set the tone for our home that i am responsible to set. and as i anticipate yet another super long business trip for my beloved, the weight feels heavier.

there is no way around it: parenting and especially with 2 toddlers, is insanely exhausting. it is relentless.

the other day i was sitting on our couch, curled up and honestly thought … i just want to stay curled right here. to not have to jump up and *do*.

thankfully, i don’t stay in this place long. i am so thankful to mostly feel well and healthy and *able to do and be all that i feel called to do and be. i am strong. i am healthy. the days that i am fighting the funk and wrestling with these feelings, are far fewer than the days that i genuinely feel the energy and flow to do what i need that day.

and really? most of all, i am desperate. for the strength of the savior; for the peace and rest in my spirit that ONLY He gives.


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