November 9, 2014

my hubby returned this week from (yet another) business trip and during his trip, i was on the phone sharing an update with a dear person. i was happily telling her about the incredibly positive response my hubby received professionally on this trip; how wonderfully he was treated, how appreciated and esteemed. knowing this made my heart happy & gratified. after sharing this information, my dear friend commented that she is eager for me to be “pampered and spoiled” – that i am deserving.

i was quiet and found myself nodding and agreeing.

and then there’s this: the slippery slope of letting our minds camp out on what we “deserve”; what we want and feel we should be getting.

and i am so thankful for the grace of GOD which prompted my mind and brought this to the front: i am pampered and spoiled in ways that the world does not value but that are inexplicably more valuable. my man serves GOD and out of that love and service, he lives a life of love for our family. for me.

and sure, i would love if he thought along the lines of the way our culture thinks sometimes – i wouldn’t protest a gift certificate for a pedicure, for instance :).

but here’s the truth: i wouldn’t trade that for who i have; for the man of deep integrity, of sacrificial service and selfless love … would never trade it.

and allowing my mind to camp *there* – on the good, the blessing – is a much better place to be. 🙂


One Response to “pampered”

  1. jani Says:

    A good man is worth a bundle!

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