beach getaway with girlfriends

May 7, 2015

this past saturday, i was able to slip away for a day, night and day … my first time gone overnight from my babies since josiah’s birth four years ago! (i don’t count the overnight at the hospital for caleb’s birth in this tally :))

it can be easy to say that sentence above with a little sigh – it’s been four long years, i’ve never been away overnight, etc etc. compared to the women around me – my friends, those i share life with and those i see doing life on social media – four years is a *long time. there have definitely been times that it’s felt like it!

yet, my conversation last week with my grandma informed my perspective so tremendously. we were talking about my weekend plans and she was sharing her excitement for me! she then shared, in such a lovely gracious way, that when her kids were small, she certainly didn’t get away overnight. my papa owned a business and worked very long days, 6 days a week. when he was home, he was tired. she said she found other ways to fill her cup but leaving overnight just wasn’t even a thought.  she then said, i am well blessed with an amazing husband.

i’ve thought so much about her words. like my girlfriends and i talked about over the weekend, there is something beautiful about knowing our “lanes” and being content in them. my hubby’s lane during this season is our sole breadwinner – his work brings income for our family. my lane? our home … managing our home environment, feeding and training and loving our kids. he so generously and with no complaint, just encouragement, sent me off for the weekend. it meant a tremendous sacrifice in his capacity to get work done that needed doing. love that guy.

so! the weekend! heather was here about 10am saturday and lori arrived shortly after to pick us up. the goodbyes were sweet and tear-free – hubby & i don’t give our kiddos unnecessary info especially around time and future events so they knew only that mama was going in the car with lori and heather and yay! they were hanging out with daddy and sister!

the three hour drive was bliss. coffee, and pretty much nonstop conversation … i am SO thankful for deep, authentic women with whom i can be vulnerable and with whom i share deep convictions and values and passion. totally awesome.

we arrived early afternoon and met our friend jessica at our rental house. it sat just above the beach and was roomy but had this crazy rancid smell that was pretty nauseating. we figured out the people that had stayed last likely left something in the disposal so we left and left all doors and windows wide open for the ocean breeze to blow it fresh!

we ate insanely delicious fish & chips ….

beach getaway7

then headed to the beach. a few hours of walking and talking and being blown by crazy wind and taking in the grandeur of *THIS* gorgeous scenery …

beach getaway3

beach getaway4

then headed back to our house. we put our cozy clothes on, brought out the chocolates and wine and sat talking in the living room late in to the night … best conversations ever.

so then, time for bed and this was the moment i’d been anticipating: first time alone in a bed! in years! no babies crawling over me, waking me! was it too good to be true?! and here’s the funny part: i had picked this twin bed which was … old. with one flat pillow. and my feet touched the base board. lol. so heather comes upstairs and notices that i’m still awake and begins to joke that she is going to text mike and tell him that my feet are hanging over the bed and i can’t sleep.ha. sweet lori offered to switch beds so i was able to get more comfortable in a larger bed and finally fall asleep. i lay there missing my man and my people, honestly.

i woke to rock star heather getting up early, putting on her running clothes and hitting the beach. i fell back asleep deep and even dreamed! then woke to a leisurely morning …coffee and a stroll alone to the beach. i stood overlooking the ocean, laughing and singing and for sure looking like a complete wacko. but i didn’t care. the ocean has always had such a hold on my heart; God speaks through His creation so beautifully and i know i am sensitive to the magic and music of nature. i breathed deep … stretched … and worshiped.  oh, and called my mom. 🙂

after checking out of our sweet house, we all decided we were *hungry – we hadn’t really eaten since late lunch the previous day and it was nearly noon. we found a perfect breakfast restaurant in old town, then did a little shopping/browsing. we finished our time with another long walk on the beach.

beach getaway1

beach getaway6

the ride home was unfortunately not as smooth & enjoyable as the ride over – we took a different route that ended up being full of windy roads and i was hit with a crazy amount of car sickness. pretty much terrible for a long stretch  … it lifted, mostly, but i never felt that great. but! i was so looking forward to arriving home. my beloved had texted pics of their time over the weekend which i loved. i got a text when we were close to home that they were out and about.

i arrived home and found my favorite girl there! such a treat to arrive to her hug, her smile … to get to catch up and then bless her with this awesome book that she and i had seen on our trip to the very same beach town a couple months ago that she wanted but didn’t get. she was so surprised!

so, funny story … a few minutes later, i hear the door open and my guys arrived. yes!! so happy. josiah runs in, sees me and buries me in hugs and kisses. mama is home! caleb? he comes running in, sees me and keeps running to maddie to show her his new toy. lol. he then circled back to mama and i got lots of love. but when i asked, hubby and maddie admitted that no … he hadn’t really even noticed i was gone.

huh??!  🙂  or 😦      because, that’s my *baby. who apparently is grown and independent and that is good … i know it’s good. bittersweet.

it does feel good knowing that for sure, me going away is completely doable for my loves. a little change of scenery and some amazing soul-sharing heart-full time did this mama good. 


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