mother’s day 2015

May 11, 2015

it’s sunday evening, mother’s day, and i am feeling blessed. spoiled. and so thankful.

i got to spend much of the day yesterday with the ladies in my family: mom, grandma, aunt nancy and my girl. as i thought ahead to the time we’d spend together, i focused on the real gift it was: to be living so close to family, to have these wonderful women that love me so, to be able to spend an afternoon indulging in pure fun & enjoyment. extraordinary abundance, truly.


grandma requested our adventures be in grants pass, the darling town she & papa lived in for 45+ years and raised their kids – many many memories. we had a sweet patio lunch (treated by aunt nancy, thank you!) and then walked downtown, browsing in fun shops. maddie & i really enjoyed a few of the little shops- fun home decor, accessories, jewelry, candles – fun stuff.

the highlight of the day was when we went in to the adorable shop called blue door and i ran in to the pastor that married me and my beloved 10 years ago! I’ve thought many times of trying to find him and update him on our lives … and so running in to him was such a treat. it felt wonderful to answer his question about married life that it is *fabulous – love love love being married.

also? maddie spotted this adorable dress that captured her attention but exceeded our budget 🙂 and my mom insisted on buying it for her – such a generous gift! maddie was elated.


we ended with iced coffees and a drive through old neighborhoods, passed their childhood home … so much reminiscing.


we came home to my favorite guys who of course had a fabulous afternoon with daddy! mall, playing, squirt guns … all good.

and a little aside: the boys are pretty much *totally only all about daddy lately. and this is awesome and i love so much that my man is also pretty much super dad and is endlessly patient, engaged, instructive and wonderful. and. my babies??! who now insist that daddy hold them, they hold daddy’s hand, they sit by daddy. awwww. moments of bittersweet.

so here’s the interesting thing: i felt just totally grateful for yesterday. it *was my gift – the day free to play, hubby taking the time off work with great generosity and no complaint. so as i thought about today, i expected that hubby would return to work and i’d cross off many items on my to do list. a regular day. i even texted as much to my girlfriend last night when she asked about my plans for today.

and i was totally fine with it.  content.

so i was totally shocked when i woke this morning and hubby told me that he’d just told maddie (who’d left on a walk) to be home soon because we were going out to brunch. huh? 🙂 and as the boys woke, hubby quickly met all their needs as i sat with my coffee and bible study on the couch. 🙂

maddie came downstairs and gave me the most precious meaningful gift ever (her gorgeous design) … i cried & hugged my girl. she had helped each of the boys sign the back.


i happily got dressed and ready, told my babe i was so happy & surprised … and we headed out to our brunch adventure.

so pretty much everyone in town was out to brunch today – surprise. lol. i think we waited at least 30 minutes and of course waiting is not a sedentary activity in our fam:



all about daddy

all about daddy

but finally we were seated and filled our bellies with yumminess. hubby had scoped out other activities including the art in bloom festival downtown that had kids’ activities today, plus the local darling railroad park. given the time (naptime approaching) we headed to the railroad park and had a great time. the boys *loved the train ride and maddie loved the snowcone :).  the boys *almost went on the little kids thomas train ride alone but after much prepping and encouragement and josiah finally agreeing to join caleb (who had been begging to go) it was our turn and caleb changed his mind. after all that. lol.

riding the train :)

riding the train 🙂

we left hot, tired & happy.

home for naps – well, for the kids, at least. hubby and i watched a little nba playoff as everyone slept and i thought, this was pretty much a perfect day.

and i realize that the “secret” was that i had no expectations so everything felt like abundant grace and blessing. and it all was. thank God.


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