the one intangible

May 25, 2015

the other night, late in to the wee hours of the morning, we were having an intense and important family discussion. hubby, me and maddie … talking through heavy heart stuff, reading through scripture, sorting out and processing things happening within our family. our hearts.

and really, i was really just observing … cuddled on the couch, joining the conversation by my presence but hubby lead the way.

and i was struck by this thought: there is almost nothing that means more in the dark corners of night, in the hard seasons of parenting, than to have a partner whose leadership you respect.

who leads with wisdom and integrity; who my mind doesn’t race to second-guess, correct or interrupt.

if i could speak encouragement to the young woman making that enormously huge life decision in choosing a spouse, i would urge her to get this: find one that you respect, that has spiritual insight and wisdom, that seeks God’s truth first. because there are so many life moments where having that person beside you brings the greatest comfort and peace to your spirit.


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