big boys room

August 8, 2015

we finally did it: moved both boys in to their own big beds, in josiah’s room.

this move, or *some* move, has been months in the making. i’ve known we needed to do something, but i’ve been ambivalent … torn.

Switching up the status quo, even one that isn’t working, takes some inertia and energy, huh? lol. and then there’s that bigger piece, that i think was laying quietly beneath it all: i haven’t been totally ready to move past this season and move in to one where my boys are really just big BOYS. no more baby. no more cuddling for “nursing night night” with “baby” caleb. we have, by the way, done that nearly every night of his entire life and it’s been beyond sweet. words really can’t capture the heart-filing magic and sweetness of cuddling beside my squishy boy, nursing him as i comb my fingers through his hair, breathe in his yumminess and exhale the craziness of the day.

so, bedroom-switching. caleb’s technically been in our closet (his crib) although most nights is in bed with us. and josiah has been in his crib – still! – because … it’s worked. he has loved it, been comfortable and it’s a familiar cozy nest for him. so switching that up didn’t feel as urgent. i went back and forth about what to do – order a big bed for them to share? twin beds? i went through various scenarios of danger in having them alone in a room because they are absolutely still line-of-sight boys and cannot be unsupervised while playing because they ALWAYS hurt each other, scream, taunt, threaten, compete.

last month when i was gone overnight with girlfriends, hubby did some shopping online and ordered toddler beds to be delivered. i LOVE that he did it – just made the decision and did it.  i may not have ordered small toddler beds but it’s FINE and not permanent but a great transition size. he got lightening mcqueen for caleb and spiderman for josiah … great choices … plus bedding.

the beds arrived this past week and i did all the prep work to get rooms rearranged, clothing sorted and combined in one smaller dresser, bedding cleaned, new mattress purchased, etc. hubby got beds assembled late the night before last so we waited til last night. and last night was the first presidential debate so we got another late start.

i had forgotten in my planning that one major step in moving things around was that the crib needed to be taken apart and removed. hubby worked on that upstairs and i had some tears with him as i shared the emotional piece of all this change on my heart. (for him, it’s very matter of fact :-)). no more crib after over 4 years of a baby being in there; no more changing table dresser to lay and change babes (and big boys) on … the crib bumper and wall decor that matched, coming down. being replaced by crazy cartoon super heroes, lol.


once the beds were made and the room all ready and cute, maddie excitedly had the boys come upstairs to take a look. caleb was ecstatic! giddy! jumping in his bed, jumping out, exclaiming, hyper. josiah had a completely different reaction: he stood back, had a slow knowing smile with me, and wanted me to hold him. so we cuddled in the rocking chair and talked about this exciting change. but he didn’t want to lay in his bed. and it wasn’t quite bedtime so both boys went downstairs to finish their cartoon before bed.

i wanted to have a normal nighttime routine so we did the 2 things as usual: jammies & teeth. then hubby sat in the rocking chair in their room and read stories as he does every night. i could see as he read that josiah was super tired, on the verge of falling asleep, and was also very itchy. when those 2 things are in play at bedtime, i often rock him to sleep to soothe him and allow him to peacefully fall asleep (vs laying down itching). i rocked him but caleb was still very hyper and super excited about his bed. he was loud and had to have daddy remind him of rules and sit beside him, to quiet and rub his back. but it wasn’t working. he was keeping josiah awake so hubby took him downstairs. josiah fell asleep in my arms but not before caleb stomped back upstairs, making noise, demanding to be rocked, and eventually waking josiah. GRR.

eventually – like, a good hour more – i had rocked both boys to sleep and lay them in their beds. they were so delicious and precious sleeping soundly in their big boy beds. i came downstairs and collapsed on the couch with hubby. bone tired.

the rest of the story is funny: both boys ended up in our bed during the night but we have no idea how exactly. maddie says she heard josiah wake and saw him walking downstairs. but no one saw or heard caleb until i woke at one point and he was in bed beside us. i had expected to be wide awake, laying in bed in hypervigilant expectation of hearing them wake. i guess i was tired. 🙂

so we are easing in to this, lol. i had bought prizes and unabashedly bribed the boys that whoever stayed in their big bed all night until the blue sky morning, would get to pick a prize.

didn’t happen. maybe tonight? *dreaming*.

it does feel really good to be moving in the right direction. i am SO READY to have my room and bed back with just me and my man! even if they end up there by morning, having designated spaces for boys to sleep separate and away from us feels like a very good exhale.





totally sneakily took this pic of caleb after he'd fallen asleep

totally sneakily took this pic of caleb after he’d fallen asleep


and josiah :) phew that the flash didn't wake him up, lol

and josiah 🙂 phew that the flash didn’t wake him up, lol


One Response to “big boys room”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Awww… so sweet, Emily. I would have been a slightly emotional wreck, too– just the passing of the one season and into the next. Closing that chapter is always hard for me, too. 🙂 But new delights await in this next season, too. Super proud of your man for the ordering of the beds and bedding! Whoa! That’s so great. Love to you, friend!

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