healing josiah

August 23, 2015

it’s been 9 days since we learned the list of foods that our josiah could safely eat. the list is stunningly short and at times panic-inducing for this mama. especially for those first few days, as my hubby felt relief and optimism (finally, answers! clarity!) and i could connect intellectually with those reactions, my emotions were sunk with overwhelm. what would i feed my family??

i’ve come to realize (duh, perhaps) that this preparation of foods is so much  more than the rote process for this mama – it is LOVE, and giving it and blessing by the foods i prepare for them each day. 

i like them to be happy, these people of mine.

so, back to the list. when we arrived at our doctor appointment last friday, she so sweetly invited us to sit down and brace ourselves, saying that josiah’s results were the most severe and worst she’s seen in 15 years with just one exception.  gulp. ok.  we reviewed the results, asked a ton of questions, and proceeded to create a “YES” list that he could eat.

yes list

the excellent news is that he can eat any meats, which is great as we are a big meat-eating family. but he can’t have rice and that is a staple for nearly every meal in our home. he reacted profoundly to all grains, legumes and nuts with the exception of pecans … so we have quinoa, millet and amaranth to work with. another relief was that blueberries are acceptable as they are his favorite fruit – phew!

i dove in and for days, barely looked up. i told my family on our drive home from the doctor that my priority, my focus, my total obsession (let’s be honest) over the coming weeks would be cooking and experimenting and researching foods. and that’s proven true. i’ve done multiple experiments, mostly with quinoa and millet (whole, flours, in tortilllas, creamy, pureed … and on and on). the results for those have been dismal.

i was super hopeful with this beef pot pie the other night …

pot pie fail

but oh my gosh, the quinoa millet crust had that bitter taste that has proven inescapable with those two when i use them in flour form. UGH.

there was a no good nasty bad day here last week between hubby and i … and how i hate arguing. but emotions were raw and this whole endeavor brings so much to the surface and we are so different and our processes are different. and i really need words of affirmation and i’ve married a logical process guy who doesn’t always slow down to acknowledge and build up my feelings that are crashing all around. ugh. but thankfully, GOD gave me grace and insight and revealed again the stinking pride in my spirit that keeps rearing it’s ugly head. i am so thankful to have a partner on this journey who is walking every step with me, present in every appointment, passionate and committed and supportive … leading us well.

so we came up with a process to simplify my life and this entire undertaking: i do meal experimentation mostly at lunch. for dinner, i stick with the meals that are so far tried and true. my list of things to try grows daily and some days i can’t tackle as much. but i am thankful that things are getting easier and that we are increasingly able to create and serve the foods that nourish.

i am a list girl. these are my pages of notes, ideas, foods to try.

i am a list girl. these are my pages of notes, ideas, foods to try.

josiah (and the rest of us) have loved a pot roast creation i’ve made; sauteed chicken breasts made the list; whole roast seasoned chicken; hamburger patties. the challenge remains the carb side – again, rice was a staple always. we’ve just never eaten potatoes very much and this week i’ve tried so many potato options: baked fries (both regular and sweet potato), mashed, baked … the only semi success was shredded fried hash brown potatoes. so. much work to do there. quinoa has been an ok side with our meat but isn’t totally loved.

here is the best part of all of this,and really the headline to this whole post: josiah is healing. we realized yesterday that he’s had only 1 major sneezing/sniffling burst total vs the *several he was having each DAY before changing his diet. his system just seems more relaxed. he is settling. he continues to have profound itchy spots (mostly feet and knees) but his skin overall is less irritated and red.

he is taking his daily supplements, and needing benadryl far less. he continues to wake at night but it’s always due to being hungry so we feed him of course … can’t stand my babies being hungry. we are so focused on filling his belly. meals. snacks. before bed. and still, he wakes at night. but he hasn’t woken with consuming itches at night so that’s an improvement.

i anticipate a long process of healing; of his allergic-to-foods picture changing as the health of his gut and digestion improves. this isn’t a forever “diagnosis”, this list … just a tool to start the journey.

and we are so thankful.


2 Responses to “healing josiah”

  1. Stacy Says:

    (((Oh, friend))) I wish I could chat with you about this with you over coffee. 🙂 My brain is reeling from the short list, too. (!) And while I don’t have these challenges in my household, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling and I get how you feeding your family is an expression of love from you. I SO get that. I was super heartened to read some of the items on your list, and I’m going to get on FB and pm you some things we’ve eaten (and LOVED) that you can make and he can eat- and that you will all hopefully enjoy. (I hope that won’t be annoying to you. Just ignore it if it is.) 😉 Love to you! Big hugs. May you embrace this as a challenge to tackle and trust that God has led you to this place and that He will sustain you here, too.

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