learning with my favorite boys

September 8, 2015

science fun 9-15

“The gift & joy of teaching these precious babes … leading them to explore & uncover & discover = pure joy for this mama!!
Today, does it sink or float??:)
A super fun simple experiment … gather objects from around the house, pour a bowl of water and one at a time, hypothesize if each object will float or sink. Place sinkers on one side of bowl and floaters on another … count each … which side has more?:)”

i put the above photo and caption on facebook the other day … later that day, my hubby shared the photo on his facebook page and added the following comment:

“My boys do not go to school. At ages 2 and 4 they wakeup at school and are immersed in a wonderland environment of exploration, adventure and learning. They sleep, eat and live at school because it is their home, their school, their playground and their base from which they launch into learning about their community, society and universe. Every day is a new adventure in learning. Their mom is their guide, teacher, chef, referee, nurse, companion, authority, oracle and sage. She’s my wife, cheerleader and angel. Someday we will send these boys off to a setting with trusted teachers who will augment their solid foundation of learning. But I don’t see that happening for a while, perhaps a decade.”

his words blessed, encouraged and refreshed me. i am so thankful for the gift of this life: these precious incredible loves that i get to mother and love and raise and the incredible partner that is my husband. thankful.


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